Are Invisible Fences Good for Dogs?

Many people ask “are hidden or invisible fences good for dogs?” Don’t spend another day chasing your precious pup up and down the road. When you need to keep your pets secure and you don’t want to deal with expensive fences, construction costs, or obstructed views, “invisible”, or hidden pet fences are the perfect solution. But are they good for dogs? We tackle some of the most common concerns to set your mind at ease.

Will the stimulation from the collar hurt my dog?

SmartFence® Receiver KitOne of the most frequent questions pet owners have about hidden fences is whether or not they hurt your pet. The short answer is no. While it’s irritating to the dog, it isn’t painful. This type of corrective stimulation has been a safe and effective way to train pets for over 40 years. And with patented DogWatch® technology, you don’t have to worry about collar misfires. Our focus on the safety and security of your dogs is why veterinarians consistently use and recommend our products.

Will a DogWatch® system work with any dog?

Different dogs have different temperaments, but whether your pet is sweet or stubborn, DogWatch® works. Our hidden dog fences can be customized to fit your needs as well as those of your pet, as we take into account breed, age, and size when configuring the system. Like any hidden fence system, we don’t recommend using our product with dogs that have a history of aggressive behavior.

How pet and owner both benefit

hidden dog fenceHidden fences aren’t just good for pets, they’re good for people too! Many neighborhoods and housing developments have strict codes regulating the type of fencing that can be installed – if fencing is allowed at all. Hidden pet fences don’t overstep these regulations and are often significantly less expensive than the cost of materials and installation of traditional fencing. Plus, they don’t interfere with surrounding views, and it doesn’t take a long time to install. Once set up, they allow your dog to roam even across extensive acreage, providing a safe enclosure without worrying about your pet jumping over or digging out of a traditional enclosure.

At DogWatch®, we’re fully committed to the safety and security of your pets. From the initial consultation to the installation and ongoing support, we’re here to help through every step of the process. You can avoid traditional, expensive fences and keep your pet safely contained while enjoying the beauty of your yard with DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fences.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Invisible Pet Fences

Yes! Hidden pet fences are highly effective, and the majority of dogs quickly learn to stay within the boundary line to avoid the warning signal and subsequent stimulation.
Yes! Designed to work with multiple pets in your household, the stimulation that the receiver-collar generates can be adjusted to accommodate dogs of all sizes and temperaments.