What is a DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fence?

We work so dogs can play…

Since 1990 we’ve been in the business of keeping your pets safe and happy within the boundaries of your home. Securing your pet’s safety is what we do; it is all we do. We offer only the most innovative and effective technology, created for quality indoor and outdoor hidden fence systems.

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As a company of integrity and dedication, we promise our customers nothing less than products of impeccable quality. When you choose DogWatch, you choose more than just the leading hidden pet fence company. You choose to have security in knowing your pet is kept consistently safe and happy within your home.
Founded and located in Massachusetts, our products are designed by a team of experts dedicated to meeting your personal needs. As a local Atlanta/Athens only business – not a franchise or regional distributor – we consistently provide outstanding service for those searching for “a dog fence company near me.”

DogWatch® - What It IS

DogWatch® operates using the safest, most effective FM radio signal transmitted through an underground boundary wire. The receiver collar your pet wears receives the radio signals and alerts your pet through a mild stimulation whenever he/she gets too close to the boundary.

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Not only is a DogWatch hidden fence safe and easy, it’s aesthetically pleasing because the wire is underground. For this reason, hidden fences are sometimes referred to as underground dog fences, wireless pet fences, or “invisible fences.”

DogWatch® - What It Is NOT

The DogWatch® pet containment system is based on a radio signal and, therefore, is not an electric fence! The DogWatch underground wire is not electrified. Rather, the wire operates via the safest FM radio signal.

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Operating via two very different technologies, hidden/“invisible” pet fences and electric fences cannot be used interchangeably. It is important to consider the differences and advantages of the DogWatch hidden, FM signal-based offering.
For years, veterinarians, pet trainers, and pet-owners just like you have trusted DogWatch with their furry friends. Recommended all over the world, DogWatch promises your pet’s security and safety.

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Created with your pets in mind, DogWatch will meet you pet containment needs no matter the circumstance. Give your pet the freedom he deserves – choose DogWatch.
Hidden fences work for cats, too!
Have a favorite feline? Use DogWatch to keep him safe! Keep your cat or little kitten out of trouble both indoors and outdoors with our pet containment system. Want kitty to keep off a new couch or baby’s room?

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Set up an indoor invisible boundary with DogWatch. Have an outdoor cat? Keep him out of the sandbox with our DogWatch outdoor hidden fence system. All our transmitters work with the same receivers, making it possible to use with both cats and dogs at the same time!

The reviews are in, people LOVE DogWatch®