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Does A GPS Dog Fence Work?

When it comes to pet containment you might be considering a GPS electronic pet fence for your dog or cat. With that comes some questions like how do these wireless GPS pet fences work compared to wired, in-ground pet fences?

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How Do I Build My Dog’s Confidence?

As a dog owner, you want your furry friend to be happy and confident; these characteristics are essential for their overall well-being. Confident dogs are more likely to greet new people and animals in a friendly, polite, and playful manner.

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How To Test Your Hidden Dog Fence

If the new year has welcomed a new member to the family that was unexpected, you might be starting the year differently. While giving or receiving a puppy can be a heartwarming experience, it also comes with a lot of

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Cats and Hidden Fences: Do They Work?

We all know that cats love to explore and can often be found climbing trees, scaling fences, and venturing into places they often shouldn’t go. So it’s no surprise that some pet owners have turned to hidden or underground dog

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