How DogWatch® is Installed in your Yard

After meeting with us at your home to determine the best containment configuration for your pet, a wire is buried in the ground to create the containment area. An FM Radio transmitter is then installed in an appropriate location (garage, basement, etc.) and connected to the buried wire.

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The transmitter sends a special FM radio signal through the buried wire. DogWatch includes BOTH external and internal Lightning Protection to provide maximum protection for your fence and your home wiring system. Dual lightning protection is not included with other hidden dog fence brands.
The perimeter (boundary) wire can be completely customized to your preference and specific requirement(s). The following are a few illustrations of some available boundary wire installation configurations for our outdoor hidden fences.

Basic Perimeter Loop

This depicts the standard/typical approach to hidden fence layout and design. The wire is installed along the entire property boundary in order to maximize the yard space available to your pet. Additionally, any combination of optional Garden, Pool, or Flower Bed loops can be installed inside the hidden fence boundary to “exclude” any areas that you wish…
hidden fence mapping diagram
hidden fence layout diagram

Hour Glass (Pinch)

By installing the fence wire up against the house on both sides of your property this configuration “pinches” your yard, creating two separate hidden fence zones; Front-Yard vs. Back-Yard. The advantage of this allows you to effectively manage your pet, controlling when he/she is “allowed” in the front yard (or back yard)…

Backyard Only

Another available layout is to restrict your pet’s access to only the Backyard of your property. The hidden fence wire is installed close to the front side of the house to complete the loop plus prevent your pet from escaping out the front door or garage. Similarly, this configuration can be inverted to limit access to the Front-Yard only as well.
dogwatch hidden fence backyard mapping
hidden fence banana loop layout

Banana Loop

This installation option will create a hidden fence boundary along 1, 2, or 3 sides of your property. This configuration is best applied in situations where traditional (above ground) fencing is already in place as a “partial” yard boundary. The advantage of this layout is that it protects the front yard while maximizing available yard space within the tightly contained (fenced-in) backyard.

If any of these sample configurations don’t reflect what you have in mind for your pet(s), or fit well with your specific yard, please contact us directly to discuss your unique needs. We’re available to pay you a visit to consult with you on the best installation and product(s) for you and your pet. Curious about how much hidden dog fences cost?

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