BigLeash Remote Trainer
Family Choice Award“Sit. Stay. Come. Heel.” Teaching and reinforcing these commands has never been easier. With our BigLeash Remote Trainer, you can both teach your dog commands, as well as correct unwanted behaviors. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, our BigLeash Remote Trainer has made communicating with your dog easy and effective.

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Equipped with a comprehensive LCD display and our In-Touch™ Two-Way Communication technology, both our BigLeash S-15 and BigLeash V-10 models are made with your pets in mind. It’s no wonder they both received the 2014 Family Choice Award, recognizing them as one of the “best in pet products and resources.”

Remote Trainers: How They Work

As pet-owners ourselves, we know communication with your dog is key to a successful training process. Our two-way communication technology allows you to get your dog’s attention by sending his receiver collar an electronic radio signal.

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These electronic signals can serve two purposes – to reinforce a training command or to distract your dog from an undesirable behavior. With a simple push of a button, sending communication signals to your dog has never been easier.

Remote Trainers: Why They Work

Have dog treats stopped working? Are you begging your dog to listen? These types of dog training techniques serve to be ineffective and tiresome. Here’s a few examples of why remote trainers are the best way to go:

Precise Timing

Training is all about associated a reward/punishment with a certain behavior. Using a remote trainer allows the training signal to be more precisely associated with the desired or undesired behavior.

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This type of clear message allows for a consistent training method that encourages your dog to learn more quickly.


As with any type of learning, consistency is key. Our BigLeash Remote Trainer allows you to deliver the same signal associated with a certain behavior.

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With consistency, your dog will quickly learn what is expected and understand your commands. Training your pet doesn’t have to be hard – remote trainers create for a happier pet… and a happier you.

Remote Application

Other training approaches, such as verbal commands, may provide for problems that Remote Trainers effectively avoid. For example, your dog is at a distance too far to hear your audible command to “come”.

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With our Remote Trainer, distance isn’t a problem. You will be notified when your dog is about to go out of range,
allowing you time to send him a signal to come back before it’s too late.

Anonymous Application

The most effective training occurs when a dog associates his behavior with his own actions, rather than with you. Our Remote Trainers allow for this type of training, giving you the freedom to anonymously send him a signal.

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Not only does this provide for a better relationship between you and your dog, but it decreases the likelihood the dog will exhibit the behavior again.