DogWatch® Hidden Fences

Designed to keep your pet safe and be safe for your pet.

DogWatch SmartFence
Introducing SmartFence
The world’s most intelligent pet containment system

Hide the the fence, not your yard!

Traditional fences cause for reduced curb appeal and costly repairs. It’s time you’re able to enjoy your front or backyard the way it was meant to be enjoyed! At DogWatch, we’re committed to giving you the freedom to keep your home aesthetically pleasing, while also keeping your pet safe.

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Our hidden fence comes equipped with technology to do just this. Do you have an outdoor area you’d like to deem “off-limits” for your pet? Keep your pets out of areas such as flowerbeds, a kid’s play area, or pool with our hidden fence system. Don’t worry about the size of your property – our system contain an area as large as 200 acres. Over the river or through the woods, we’re here to help.

Made with your pet in mind.

As pet-owners ourselves, we know no two pets are alike. That’s why we’ve created all of our products with your specific pet in mind. Just as our fences can be adjusted to virtually any area, your pet’s receiver collar can be adjusted to meet their specific needs be it breed, size, age, or temperament.

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With our AutoMemory® Technology, your pet’s receiver collar has never been more pet-specific and personalized. Do you have more than one pet you’re hoping to keep protected? No problem. Our hidden fence system can protect multiple pets – as long as your furry friend is wearing a receiver collar you can count on your hidden fence system to keep him safe.
yard-configuration option1
The outdoor boundary loop of your hidden fence system allows your pet to run freely and play outdoors within a larger area determined by you. The smaller, inner loop(s) keep your pet outside of “off-limit” areas such as a garden, flowerbed, or pool area. Designed with durability in mind, our hidden fence boundary wires are made to last. More examples…

Even cats love our system!

At DogWatch, we stand firm in our belief that “It’s All About Your Pet.” That’s why our products are made with your pets in mind… cats included! The smallest receivers available on the market, our R7 receiver collars weigh only 1.1 ounces (including the battery), making them perfect for your favorite feline.

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Have a dog and cat? No worries! Both the R7 and R9 receiver collars function with the same transmitter, giving you peace of mind that all your animals are always protected. Choosing DogWatch means choosing pet-friendly and owner-friendly services that lead to the most ideal home environment. We encourage you to learn more about our products and our promise to our customers. When compared to other companies, there’s no denying DogWatch is simply the best for your pet.