Need Help? We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

Belinda Skelton of WSB Radio endorses Atlanta DogWatch® Hidden Fence

We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

Belinda Skelton of WSB Radio endorses Atlanta DogWatch® Hidden Fence

We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

Dogwatch of Atlanta Indoor Hidden Pet boundaries

Can You Use a Hidden Fence Indoors?

Chances are if you’ve stumbled onto this page, you have a grasp on how an outdoor hidden dog fence works. These hidden pet boundaries are buried underground and use a signal receiver collar to alert your dog that they shouldn’t pass the invisible barrier.

This technology has been a godsend to thousands of customers who want to manage their dog outside without going through the trouble of installing a physical barrier, which are often expensive, unsightly and require a lot of maintenance.

But can this same type of technology, which keeps your pup from running into the neighbor’s yard every time you let them out, also be used indoors to keep pets from wandering where they’re not permitted?

Absolutely—enter the indoor hidden pet fence, a solution you may not have known existed but probably won’t be able to live without. Here’s how it works.

Indoor Hidden Pet Fences

Much like their outdoor counterparts, indoor dog fences are specifically designed to keep your pet inside desired areas and outside restricted areas. They use the same technology as outdoor fences, using the same mild stimulation and the same receiver collar (no need to buy a separate one for indoors!) The one difference is that it isn’t necessary to bury wires anywhere—so don’t worry about disturbing your carpet or flooring.

Indoor hidden fence systems are simple and easy to install. All they require is for the transmitter to be placed inside an area in the home, which creates a hidden fence immediately. This is because the units use a signal that comes straight from the transmitter and do not require boundary wires.

Some of the indoor units can be used with wires, however, which can be used to frame an area such as a large rug to keep a dog from crossing onto the fabric.

Continue reading to learn more about the types of indoor hidden pet fences that are available.

The Skedaddle

This unit is the most versatile of hidden indoor fences. These units can be used with a wire or without a wire. With a wire, you can section off a whole room by placing the wire in the ceiling rafters beneath, if accessible. Without a wire, the Skedaddle creates a 10 foot “zone” where a pet will not enter.

The B.O.B.

An abbreviation for a “Battery Operated Boundary,” the B.O.B is great for placing in odd places where no outlet is available, like a closet or staircase. This unit creates an 8 foot no-go area for your pup, keeping them away from valuable items, from going upstairs or from jumping at the front door. These units must be recharged every 30 days, but are great for creating a pet barrier on the go.

The Scoot!®

The smallest unit, the Scoot!® only works with wires and is great for keeping pets off very specific areas like rugs or furniture, potted plants, cat food or garbage cans. The wire can be tucked underneath all the way around the object and the dog will keep a wide berth.

Trust DogWatch® for Indoor Fence Solutions

Indoor fences are an easy, inexpensive solution to the most common problems pet owners have, such as a dog that only seems to use the bathroom on your expensive oriental rug, or who prefers to dig his nails into your expensive leather sofa. They also help keep your pet safe and out of things they shouldn’t be getting into. Because hidden indoor fences are so versatile and easy to set up, they are a popular choice with dog owners who already have outdoor hidden fences and have seen the benefits of pet management firsthand.

If you’re curious about integrating a hidden pet fence inside your home, don’t hesitate to reach out to DogWatch® for a quote and more information. We offer a multitude of solutions to help you establish in-home boundaries for your pets while also sticking to your budget. Call us today! 770-727-4898

Frequently Asked Questions about Indoor Hidden Fences

Yes! There are specific hidden pet fences that are made to be used indoors to keep pets where you want them. Contact DogWatch® today for more information about indoor fence solutions.770-727-4898

Hidden pet fences are easy to install and can keep dogs out of any room in the house you choose. Learn more about how they work today! 770-727-4898