Need Help? We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

Belinda Skelton of WSB Radio endorses Atlanta DogWatch® Hidden Fence

We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

Belinda Skelton of WSB Radio endorses Atlanta DogWatch® Hidden Fence

We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

DogWatch® Frequently Asked Questions

The DogWatch® Hidden Fence system provides the solution to teaching your pets where they can and cannot go. Our one-of-a-kind pet fencing system gives you the flexibility of keep your dog in designated areas and out of restricted areas within both the exterior and interior of your home. DogWatch® is the only hidden fence product that uses FM radio signal, making it the easiest and safest electronic radio pet fence. By using an FM radio signal, our hidden fence system safely and effectively keeps your dog out of restricted areas, such as gardens and kitchen space, and in desired areas, such as the front or backyard. The DogWatch® Hidden Fence
System is the better alternative to other unpleasant pet containment systems, such as the electric fence and shock collar. Our hidden fence system provides for an effective, but gentle warning for your pet, while still maintaining a 100% success rate.
The only hidden fence system to communicate through FM radio signals, the DogWatch® Hidden Fence System allows for your pet to remain comfortable and happy within the confines of designated boundaries. For the exterior of your home, our hidden fence system operates via a hidden wire buried underground, allowing for any garden areas or landscaping to be preserved. For the interior of your home, we provide two options: 1) a hidden wire that is invisible to the naked eye which surrounds the specific containment area or 2) “wireless” indoor units for those who prefer to avoid placement of a boundary wire within your home. These hidden wires – within both the interior and exterior of your home – carry harmless, low-level FM radio signals throughout the specific containment areas. In order to receive the gentle warning when your pet is too close to these areas, your dog wears a receiver collar that will emit a mild stimulation, or correction. Stop keeping a close eye on your dog 24/7 and contact us today to learn more.
Our DogWatch® team of experts cares about the well-being and happiness of your dog. We are committed to creating the best pet environment for both you and your pet, which is why we continue to play a role within this journey even after installation of your hidden fence. For a few minutes each day for five to ten days, a knowledgeable and experienced DogWatch Dealer trains your pet to learn the new containment areas of your home. In the beginning of the training period, flags are used to mark the boundaries of containment areas, but are slowly taken away to shift responsibility onto your dog to remember an area’s boundaries. Within five to ten feet of the hidden fence boundary, your dog will receive a warning sound through the receiver collar indicating close proximity to the fence. Once your pet has reached the boundary of the hidden fence, a mild correction via the FM radio signal will be emitted through the collar. After our effective and multifaceted training period, your pet becomes confident and comfortable navigating the new boundaries of your home.
  • At DogWatch® we incorporate exclusive safety and convenience features to create for the best pet containment system in the industry. While our unique, innovative DogWatch® Hidden Fence system is nearly invisible to the human eye, it would be a mistake to refer to our fence system as an “invisible fence.” The DogWatch® fence system is not affiliated with the Invisible Fence® company and there are significant differences that make our company the best in the business.
  • Our hidden fence system uses one-of-a-kind technology to emit FM radio frequencies as a means of communicating with your dog. Other companies, such as Invisible Fence®, use AM radio frequencies, making your dog more susceptible to false corrections and unnecessary feedback. Our harmless and low-level FM signals allow for your dog to remain happy and healthy while using our pet containment system. This Exclusive-Patented technology makes DogWatch the safest and most secure for your pet.
  • Two years versus three months: This is the difference between the battery life of most DogWatch® products compared to Invisible Fence® products. Our team of pet lovers understands the importance of keeping your pet happy, while also keeping you on a budget. The long-lasting battery life of our hidden fence avoids spending an exceptional amount on batteries and is good for the environment. Avoid your pet running out when the system’s batteries run out and try DogWatch® today.
  • While other companies such as the Invisible Fence® require customers to go online or contact customer service to purchase batteries, DogWatch® provides for a much more convenient, customer-friendly process. Our goal is to help you maintain your hidden fence system as easily as possible, which is why we provide our customers the opportunity to purchase batteries from any source, a convenience not offered by other companies such as the Invisible Fence®. For pet owners who prefer a routine schedule for maintaining battery-life, we also offer a battery replacement plan to ensure you always have a new battery when necessary.
  • Our DogWatch® Hidden Fence System is committed to serving all dogs, big and small. For that reason, we created our R9 receiver collar for medium to large dogs and our R7 receiver collar for both small dogs and cats alike. Both collars are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and convenience features, such as an easy-to-view status light. Don’t wait for your dog to figure out the receiver collar is dead before you do – refer to the status light to check the receiver’s battery life, proper functioning, and current training level.
  • Do you prefer to verbally remind your pet of hidden fence boundaries? With DogWatch® technology, an audible-only reminder can be used to correct your pet when he is within close proximity to a hidden fence boundary. DogWatch® prides itself on it’s pet-friendly services such as verbal communication features, something unavailable through Invisible Fence® and other related companies.
  • Our DogWatch® team is dedicated to meeting you and your pet’s specific needs, which is why we offer a wide and broad range of pet training services. Whether your pet is timid or highly energetic, our pet-friendly and user-friendly services allow you to effectively communicate with your dog. Each of our distinct training levels will allow both you and your pet to feel confident in achieving the ideal owner-pet relationship.
  • All of our DogWatch® services aim to give you freedom and flexibility in training your pet. As pet owners ourselves, we know the personality and size of each pet varies, making it nearly impossible to have a “one size fits all” training approach. That’s why our DogWatch® receiver technology allows you to program the receiver to the most appropriate training level for your dog. No need to call customer service or have a DogWatch Dealer come to your home – you are the expert of your pet. You know your pet the best, so YOU should have the opportunity to control the training level of your pet’s receiver when necessary.
Invisible Fence® is a registered trademark of Invisible Fence, Inc.
  • Our exclusive AutoMemory™ feature allows your dog’s receiver collar to work at its optimal level. Based on your dog’s behavior, the receiver collar adjusts to the most appropriate training level when necessary. For example, if your pet does not challenge the boundaries of the hidden fence within a 24-hour period, the receiver collar will return to its original training level. Both the R7 and R9 receivers are equipped with this technology, allowing for added incentives and heightened correction when necessary.
  • In addition to our AutoMemory™ feature, both our receiver collars also feature FastReact™ – the fastest and most effective correction method on the market. Unlike other hidden fence technologies that use “time-based” mechanisms, FastReact™ technology is more reliable and consistent as a result of its “distance-based” correction triggers. What does this mean for you and your pet? You can always trust your pet’s receiver collar to warn your dog when he is approaching the hidden fence boundaries, not after he has already crossed them. Our team at DogWatch is committed to keeping your pet inside the boundaries of your hidden fence system, which is why our products use only the most reliable and efficient technology.
  • As the most pet-friendly company in the business, we are committed to keeping your dog happy throughout the entire training process. The unique “beep” tone feature of our pet receiver collars helps do just this. Our innovative, audible-only training system gives you the option to gradually train your dog through gentle “beep” tones. Used by many of our customers, this audible warning tone has consistently and effectively trained pets just like yours.
  • As pet-owners ourselves we know training your pet can be time-consuming, but maintaining your training products shouldn’t be. That’s why our transmitter does the work for you, constantly monitoring and updating you on the status of your hidden fence. Is there a break in your underground wire? You can count on your transmitter to have all the answers, saving you time and money.
  • When installed by an authorized DogWatch Dealer, your DogWatch® Hidden Fence System has a lifetime equipment warranty. Need a repair? Have a question? All of our DogWatch® Dealers are independent businesspeople, fence installers, and pet trainers who live and work within your very own community. They are experienced and ready to provide you with courteous and prompt assistance to keep your pet safe and happy inside his hidden fence boundaries.
No. For over 40 years, this type of correction simulation has been used to train pets in the safest, most effective way possible. All of our products here at DogWatch® follow this same pattern. Our receiver collars are made with your dogs in mind, having the flexibility of being adjusted to your pet’s specific needs. For this reason, DogWatch® products are consistently used and recommended by veterinarians.
Yes. As pet-owners ourselves, we understand the importance of keeping all of your pets safe. For that reason, our DogWatch® Hidden Fence System has no limit to the amount of dogs (or cats) it can monitor and protect at one time. As long as your pet is wearing its receiver collar, you can count on our containment system to keep them happy and inside their boundaries.
Yes. If your pet runs and hides during a lightning storm, you can expect your hidden fence system to continue to protect them from surpassing your hidden fence boundaries. The DogWatch® containment system is equipped with both an internal surge protector, found in the transmitter, as well as an external lightning surge protector. Not only does our system continue to keep your pets inside during a lightning storm, but it continues to keep them safe.
Frequent power loss is no reason you and your pets shouldn’t benefit from our hidden fence system. Our products are made to accommodate for various situations, electrical power loss included. If you lose electrical power, our DogWatch® PowerPak supplies 8 hours of power for your hidden fence until your household electrical service can be restored.
As pet-lovers ourselves, we believe money shouldn’t be the sole factor deterring you from keeping your pets safe and happy. That’s why our DogWatch® Hidden Fence Systems cost much less than traditional fencing and avoid costly repairs and maintenance, such as replacing wooden panels. In addition to being cost-effective, they are efficient. For example, with our hidden fencing system you can keep your pet in your backyard, while also keeping them out of other areas such as a backyard garden or pool. Our containment systems service areas as small as urban yards to as large as 200 acre orchards, so Contact us today for an estimate on your individual property.
If you move, your hidden fence system moves with you. If you move into a bigger home, your hidden fence system can expand and adjust as necessary. Our innovative technology allows you the freedom and flexibility to use the containment system wherever and however you need.
Our team of experts is dedicated to meeting your personal needs, big and small. The DogWatch® hidden fence system is the most accommodating in the industry, offering hidden fence models for areas up to 200 acres. With our state-of-the-art technology, you can keep your pets in and out of almost anywhere, including interior areas such as couches and counter tops, and exterior areas such as gardens and pools. Contact us for a free consultation and estimate today because it’s time you enjoy your home without having to keep a close eye on your dog.
The experience of our DogWatch Dealers is incomparable to that of other companies, making your dog’s training period both efficient and successful. After installation of your hidden fence system, one of our Dealers will conduct initial training with you and your dog, educating both you and your dog on the boundaries and logistics of your new hidden fence system. Our in-depth pet training program takes about 10-15 minutes each day for up to two weeks. Throughout the training period your dog will learn his/her yard boundaries and you will become confident in your pet’s long term safety.
The DogWatch ® Hidden Fence system is capable of containing as many pets as you need, as long as they are wearing a DogWatch® receiver collar. Keeping your pets at home and out of trouble has never been easier, but can only be done with our receiver collar. Without the DogWatch® receiver collar, a dog cannot be kept out of the hidden dog fence.
Our experienced trainers at DogWatch know dog training is not a one-size-fits-all service and will vary dog to dog. For that reason, our dog training process begins with an evaluation of your dog, identifying specific needs and areas of focus. This unique evaluation period allows your DogWatch Dealer to make an educated recommendation on when to start training upon assessing certain factors such as your dog’s age and breed.
All dogs are different, having different personalities and preferences. Here at DogWatch® we take pride in the fact that our hidden dog fences systems accommodate for these differences, taking your dog’s specific breed, age, and size into account. Although our systems work with virtually all dogs, any hidden fence system is not recommended for dogs with a history of aggressive behavior.
For over 25 years our hidden fence system has been keeping your pets safe and sound within your home. Our experienced DogWatch Dealers provide you with the most effective training process on the market, giving you the confidence in knowing the likelihood of your dog escaping the hidden fence is slim to none. To further help prevent your dog from crossing his new boundaries, your pet’s collar is made to fit securely and is equipped with a status light. DogWatch’s innovative technology allows you the freedom and flexibility to both increase the signal range or correction level on your pet’s receiver collar, further decreasing the likelihood your dog will escape the containment area. With DogWatch® you can rely on our team of experts to always be available to help – Contact us today to learn more.
We are confident in our innovative DogWatch® services, our impeccable team of DogWatch experts, and our experienced DogWatch Dealers. For this reason, all of our hidden fence systems come with a lifetime equipment-only warranty when installed by an authorized DogWatch Dealer. We know our containment systems are the best on the market which is why your hidden fence system also comes with a 30-day money-back-guarantee if you are not satisfied. Try DogWatch® today and we guarantee both you and your pet will be happy and comfortable.
Since 1990, our pet-friendly products have provided you with freedom, flexibility, and the most pet-friendly household environment. Our innovative hidden fence technology uses FM signals to keep your pets safe and healthy, avoiding harmful, faulty corrections seen in other hidden fence systems. Our team of engineers is committed to creating pet-friendly and user efficient products, constantly researching and developing new ways to make our products the best for you and your pets. As a privately-owned, people-oriented company, we strive to provide you with the best products and customer-service in the industry. Have questions? We’re happy to help you in any way we can. Contact us today and be on the way to achieving your ideal household environment.