Quality of Workmanship Matters

At Atlanta DogWatch® we’ve been installing Hidden Pet Fence systems all over north Georgia for over 25 years.  One of the most important things we’ve learned throughout this experience is how important it is to do every job right, the first time. We’ve developed a reputation for not only offering the best Hidden Fence product available, but also for being the standard in highest quality service and workmanship.  

DogWatch® Hidden Fence
Along the way we’ve accumulated a long list of online customer testimonials and reviews that attest to this outcome.  A quick internet search will reveal that we consistently exceed our customers’ expectations.  Quality is what we’re all about!

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For us, quality workmanship begins with our personnel.  You won’t find a dog fence company near you with the same professionalism, friendliness, and attention to detail. All of our installers are thoroughly and professionally trained in every aspect of Hidden Fence installations.  Properly installing a pet containment system is not as simple as one might think.  The details behind designing and installing a professional Hidden Fence system can be overwhelming to anyone not properly trained in the craft.  We’ve learned or invented all of the tricks and techniques for delivering the highest quality job possible.
Some providers in this business offer a cheaper overall solution by hiring inexpensive, short term laborers to install their hidden fence products.  We don’t do this at Atlanta DogWatch®. Consistent, high-quality workmanship for every customer is not only our goal but our commitment.  We take great pride in our work, installing every new Hidden Fence as if we were doing it for ourselves.
We permanently install our Hidden Fence wire, which means it’s always attached or buried in a manner that will provide the greatest chance for its long term survival.

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We know how to cross a creek with wire, scale a wall or attach it to an existing above-ground fence so that it’s less likely to be damaged by Mother Nature or an overzealous landscaper. We also guarantee complete satisfaction to our customers. Aside from our containment guarantee for your pet(s) we also stand behind the work that we perform.
Quality work by DogWatch® Hidden Fence

For example, our customers never have to worry about edging the grass along the driveway where we crossed it with the Hidden Fence wire. We protect the wire in these areas so well that we guarantee it will never be cut.

DogWatch® fence quality
Over the years we’ve come across some shoddy work from other companies in this business. This has led to a commitment in elevating our quality standards above all the rest.

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One of the ways we deliver on this is by regularly inspecting new Hidden Fence installations to make certain they were done perfectly. An exhaustive 3-page post installation form is completed by our inspectors to fully evaluate the work performed by the installer. If anything is uncovered that doesn’t meet our strict quality standards the issue is resolved on the spot. Because of our thoroughness in this area, it’s extremely rare for us to be called back to correct an installation-related issue. This almost never happens.
Since we first got into this business we’ve been serious about delivering the highest quality workmanship to every customer. Others in the industry have tried to follow our lead in this and learned to make similar claims. Copycatting is to be expected, but a discriminating customer who does their homework will soon see that quality is something easy to talk about yet not so easy to consistently deliver.
Quality of hidden fence
We encourage anyone considering an Atlanta Hidden Pet Fence purchase to seriously examine the question of quality and how it should impact your selection. We’re confident that you’ll discover Atlanta DogWatch® to be the Quality Leader in professional Hidden Pet Fence workmanship and service.

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