Pet Training Products

Bring out the best in your dog

Discipline and obedience can serve as tough obstacles when training your dog, especially for first time pet owners. From establishing effective communication to eliminating excessive barking, our team at DogWatch® understands the difficulties of these basic dog training tasks.

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We believe dog training should be a rewarding and engaging experience for both you and your dog, which is why our state-of-the-art training products are designed with your pets in mind. Choosing a DogWatch® training product means choosing an owner-friendly and pet-friendly service that creates for the ideal owner-pet relationship.

BigLeash® Remote Trainers

big leash remote trainer
Do you have trouble communicating and reinforcing appropriate behaviors with your dog? Training your dog doesn’t have to be hard, which is why our team of experts created BigLeash® Remote Trainers.

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Trusted by pet-owners just like you, our remote trainer allows you the opportunity to communicate with your dog more effectively and consistently. “Sit. Drop.” Reinforcing training commands has now become a breeze. “Stay. Come.” Changing unwanted behavior is now a walk in the park with our DIY dog training products.

BarkCollar™ No-Bark Trainer

bark collar
Barking is one of the most common problems pet-owners face when training their dogs. Although barking is your dog’s way of communicating with you, excessive barking can become a difficult issue to ignore.

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In order to achieve the ideal pet environment, DogWatch® realizes the importance of creating a balance between your dog’s excessive and normal barking. Our BarkCollar™ , no bark dog collar, creates this balance by quickly and gently reducing, and gradually eliminating your dog’s unwanted barking behavior. If you have a barker, make both yourself and your neighbors happy and try BarkCollar™ today.

SideWalker® Leash Trainer

SideWalker training collar
Do you find yourself being walked by your dog as opposed to you walking your dog? If you have trouble going on a neighborhood stroll with your dog, the SideWalker® Leash Trainer is for you.

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The DogWatch® leash training collar provides a training method that is both gentle and effective. With five adjustable settings flexible to your specific needs, our training method “self-teaches” your dog not to pull on the leash. Walking your dog shouldn’t be a drag – get rid of that unnecessary tension with SideWalker® Leash Trainer.

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