DogWatch® Receiver-Collar Features

Small package. Outstanding performance.

Equipped with the best technology on the market, our receiver collars are dependable and durable. By decoding FM radio signals transmitted through your hidden fence system, your dog’s receiver collar keeps him safe and happy within the boundaries you have set.

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No need to have two separate collars for inside and outside your home – the same receiver collar works with both our indoor and outdoor hidden fence systems. Lightweight and waterproof, our DogWatch receiver-collar is made with your dog in mind, coming in various models specific to you and your dog’s needs. With a variety of different strap colors and styles, as well, your dog is sure to be happy with his DogWatch receiver collar.
receiver collars for dogwatch hidden fences

TWO YEAR DogWatch® Collar Battery Life

Having the lowest Total-Cost-of-Ownership in the hidden fence industry, savings and safety go hand-in-hand when your dog wears a DogWatch® receiver-collar. With a dog collar battery life 8 times longer than other brands, the DogWatch R9 receiver-collar keeps your dog safe within the boundaries and keeps you from spending an excessive amount of money on batteries.

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It’s time you stop changing batteries weekly or monthly – keep your pet safe and happy with a DogWatch receiver collar.
dog collar battery


Based on your dog’s behavior, our Exclusive-Patented AutoMemory® safety feature automatically adjusts your dog’s receiver-collar to the most appropriate correction level when necessary. If your pet challenges the boundaries, the correction level will increase.

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After a 24-hour period, the receiver collar will return to its original correction level if no boundary challenges are detected. If you need a little added “incentive” for you dog to stay in the yard, our DogWatch® Receiver Collar is perfect for you!


Our TattleTale® safety feature notifies you know when your dog has challenged the boundaries of your hidden fence system. Upon activation of the audible alert or correction system, your dog’s receiver-collar will double flash, indicating it might be time for you to adjust your hidden fence boundaries.

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After a 24-hour period, the receiver collar will return to its original single flash if no boundary challenges are detected. No need to constantly keep an eye on your dog’s whereabouts, let our TattleTale® safety feature help keep an eye on your pet!


Compared to other receiver collars using a “time-based” mechanism, our DogWatch receiver collar uses a “distance-based” correction method. What does this mean for your dog’s safety?

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Our distance-based FastReact® method provides your dog with a correction before he has approached the boundaries of your hidden fence system. This innovative technology consistently keeps your dog safe within the boundaries, making it the most reliable correction method on the market. Hear what one of our current customers has to say about this great feature.
Fast React Demo for DogWatch Hidden Fence

Warning Alert (Audible or Vibration)

Our DogWatch® receiver collars are equipped with an alert system that emits a warning to your dog before he reaches the hidden fence boundary. Your dog learns to associate the early warning signal with close proximity to the boundary, teaching your dog to stop before he reaches the hidden fence wire.

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With an option to alert your dog through audible or vibration warnings, our hidden fence system is perfect for all dogs – even those with hearing impairments or deafness.

Receiver Status Light

Our DogWatch® receiver collar keeps you updated on the functioning of your hidden fence system. Is your receiver battery low? Has your dog challenged the boundaries?

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The only receiver collar on the market equipped with such technology, our unique status light feature provides you with all the answers to ensure your pet is kept safe within the boundaries of your hidden fence system.

Automatic Shutdown

As pet-lovers ourselves, we are committed to creating the safest pet training technology for your companion. Our DogWatch® hidden fences are built with an automatic shutdown system as to protect your pet from unnecessary over-corrections.

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In the unlikely chance your dog does not exit the signal field in a timely manner, his receiver collar will automatically shutdown and then reset once he leaves the signal field.

High Impact, Waterproof

We know dogs will be dogs, which is why our receiver collars are made to withstand the toughest of outdoors elements and even rigorous play. Rain, sleet, or snow you can always rely on your DogWatch® invisible fence dog collar!