DogWatch® Transmitter Features

Unique features and benefits not available in other brands.

Our DogWatch® transmitters are the most unique and reliable on the market. The only hidden fence transmitter to operate via FM radio signals, you won’t find another hidden fence system that compares to DogWatch®.

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We are committed to keeping your pets safe, which is why our transmitters are both user-friendly and easily adjustable, giving you freedom and flexibility to train your dog as you deem appropriate. Our DogWatch® transmitters also offer several more unique features to make it the safest and most reliable for your pet…
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Safelink Digital FM Design
Secure digital FM technology is the safest for your pet
Avoid faulty system triggers and unnecessary corrections with our SafeLink® transmitter. This Exclusive-Patented technology makes DogWatch® the most secure system available. The only hidden fence system that offers FM technology, you can rest assured that your dog is protected from false receiver-collar activations.

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Common among all other AM-radio brands, we guarantee household items like garage door openers and television remotes will not interrupt your hidden fence system. Using a DogWatch hidden fence system means promising your dog comfort and safety. Click here to read more about why choosing an FM-signal hidden fence is the best option for your pet.

Flexible Training Levels

User-adjustable settings to fit your pet’s personality
As dog-lovers ourselves, we know the personality of your dog is important to the training process. That’s why our DogWatch ® transmitters and receivers offer twenty different correction levels, giving you the freedom to choose the most appropriate level for your dog’s specific needs.

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Also equipped with an “audible only” warning system, our transmitters gently and progressively train your dog to learn his new boundaries.

Range Setting and Loop Monitor

Settings are displayed on the transmitter so you understand your system
Our transmitters are equipped with state-of-the-art technology to keep you informed about the functioning of your hidden fence system. To best meet your specific needs, our signal fields can be adjusted for virtually any area – from large fields for your playful dog to smaller areas for your favorite feline.

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This feature alerts you to any change in your fence’s signal strength or a break in the wire boundary, securing your pet’s safety and happiness.

Lightning Protection

The best lightning protection available – and it is a standard feature
Our transmitters are equipped with the most innovative technology, including both external and internal surge protection. Our External Surge Protection uses the grounding rods of your hidden fence system to redirect electricity into the earth and away from your home and pet.

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Our Internal Surge Protection prevents surges coming into your home from outside sources and redirects them into your house’s electrical ground. No more worrying about harmful electricity interruptions – use DogWatch® to keep your pets safe no matter the circumstance.


Extra security to keep your fence on when the power is out
Not only do all of our transmitters come with the most powerful lightning protection technology, but an optional PowerPak is also available. With up to 8 hours of backup protection, our PowerPak gives you ease of mind knowing your pet will continue to be kept safe even when power is unavailable.