Sidewalker Leash Trainer

The SideWalker SW-5 Leash Trainer

Walking your dog shouldn’t be a drag.

Leash training shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we created the SideWalker Leash Trainer. With its “self-teaching” design, our leash trainer easily and effectively encourages appropriate leash walking behavior.

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Both gentle and effective, the SideWalker uses harmless vibrations to help eliminate excessive leash pulling. Activated by your dog pulling on the leash, the SideWalker detects pressure and emits a vibration to your dog’s collar. As your dog continues to pull, the vibration increases and resets when the pulling stops. It’s time to get rid of the unnecessary leash tension and enjoy a walk in the park with your dog.

SideWalker SW-5 Features

5 Adjustable Settings

At DogWatch we are committed to creating products with your dog in mind. Our SideWalker Leash Trainer is equipped with only the most effective and reliable technology for your furry friend.

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With five adjustable settings – a vibration setting, three stimulation settings, and a progressive setting – you are sure to find a training level best fit for your dog.

Progressive Levels

Consistency and reinforcement are necessary to best train your pet. That’s why our leash trainer comes equipped with progressive technology to help your dog associate his unwanted leash behavior with the stimulations from his receiver collar.

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When your dog pulls on the leash, the vibration correction begins gently, then continues increasing in level until your dog stops the behavior. After each activation, the level returns to the lowest setting.

Lightweight Durability, Long-Lasting Battery

All of our DogWatch products are equipped with only the most innovative and durable technology – our SideWalker Leash Trainer is no exception. Though it may be small, it delivers the most outstanding and reliable performance.

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As dog-owners ourselves, we know dogs will be dogs, which is why our leash trainer includes waterproof durability. Long-lasting and easy to recharge, you can rely on your dog’s SideWalker to remain charged for days at a time. And when it’s time to recharge? The SideWalker Low Battery Indicator will let you know.