Trade-In Opportunities

… for ALL Brands of Hidden Pet Fencing

Do you have an existing underground dog fence from Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop®, Dog Guard® or PetSafe®..?

  • Does your current hidden fence system leave you chasing your dog around the neighborhood?
  • Are you constantly changing or charging batteries to prevent your dog from escaping your hidden fence system?
  • Do you find yourself needing to repair your current hidden fence system often?
If you’re not 100% satisfied with your current hidden fence system it’s time to call DogWatch®..!
Carly and Jack | Hidden Dog Fence Customer

Competitive Brand Trade-In Program: Because You Deserve the Best

  • Trade-in, Trade-Up: Ask us about your eligibility for a Trade-UP cash credit for your old hidden fence system. Turn in your old, ineffective hidden fence equipment for the upgrade you deserve!
  • Stop dealing with faulty corrections and system interferences – UPGRADE your system to the safest and most effective FM SafeLink® technology.
  • The most cost-effective hidden fence system on the market, your savings don’t stop after purchase. Enjoy ongoing cost savings and peace of mind with our TWO YEAR receiver-collar battery life.
  • At no extra cost, all of our systems are equipped with Lightning and Surge Protection, giving you and your pets the most security possible. It’s time you’re able to relax and know you’re always protected.
  • Our team of experts at DogWatch is dedicated to meeting your personal needs, creating every product with you in mind. When you use our hidden fence system, you benefit from the DogWatch ® Highest Quality standard, knowing the service and products you receive are the best in the business.
  • No more lengthy phone calls to customer service or flipping through long Owner’s Manuals – all DogWatch products are user-friendly and people-oriented, allowing YOU to be the expert.
Are you ready to make the switch? We’re ready to make it easy! Don’t worry about getting rid of your old equipment, we use your current buried hidden fence wire to make the installation as easy and quick as possible.

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A simple swap of the transmitter and your pet’s receiver collar and you are on your way to enjoying your new DogWatch hidden fence system. After adjusting the settings on your new hidden fence, we also reassess your dog’s training level and provide a refresher session(s) if needed. If that isn’t reason enough to make the switch, we even discount the cost of the equipment!
It’s time you start enjoying your hidden fence system – call us today to make the switch!

Why did they make the switch to DogWatch®? Find out below…

Brent Jennings – Cumming, GA

“After several weeks of struggling with the Pet Stop® system it clearly wasn’t working. Duncan was still able to escape our yard and eventually went missing…” [Read More]

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Bonnie Mantell – Canton, GA

“Once Pet Stop® has you as a customer you have to replace their expensive batteries far too often, and they overcharge to repair the fence every time it breaks…” [Read More]

Dr. Hannis Mize, DVM – Alpharetta, GA

“We originally had an Invisible Fence® system installed several years ago by Atlanta Dog Fencing… Their fence would break all the time and when it was working my dogs would regularly run right through it…” [Read More]

Todd Godwin – Marietta, GA

“In looking at what I would categorize as a poorly installed Pet Stop® system (exposed wire, and an electrical connection that was exposed to environmental conditions), we decided to take a look at a few other systems…” [Read More]

Chad Corn (Kernel Corn Kennels) – Canton, GA

Invisible Fence® collar-batteries are very expensive and you need to buy them often. We have two dogs, and Invisible Fence® charged us $165 per year to supply batteries for their collars. With DogWatch I only have to change the collar-batteries ONCE every 2 years. This will save me over $150 per year in battery costs…” [Read More]

Debra Lewis – Marietta, GA

“We had been a Pet Stop® customer for several years. However, over time their level of customer service had diminished. We decided to look into other available options…” [Read More]

Dr. Richard Craine, DVM – Snellville, GA

“The AM radio signal used in the PetSafe® system would occasionally “misfire” and we would find our dog hiding under the bed fearing an arbitrary correction…” [Read More]

Jacqui Abrahart – Duluth, GA

“I kept calling Dog Guard® to help me with the broken fence, but they kept telling me it was an issue they could not resolve… I was TOTALLY happy when (DogWatch®) was able to correct ALL the issues…” [Read More]

Sharon Murphy – Alpharetta, GA

“Every time the dog came outside Molly would break through our Invisible Fence® to join her new friend, with no ill affect to her whatsoever…” [Read More]

Kim Denning – Fayetteville, GA

“The (DogWatch) feature that sold me on it the most was the FAST REACT response time. It stops Calvin Cold. With Invisible Fence®, Calvin would just run through the fence like it never existed…” [Read More]

The Hazelrig Family – Alpharetta, GA

“In our previous home, we had purchased an Invisible Fence® solution. Due to the fact that Invisible Fence® uses an AM frequency our dogs were (arbitrarily) shocked on several occasions, as appliances such as television remotes emit AM frequencies…” [Read More]

Leslie Lanktree – Fayetteville, GA

“It cost us $50+ each time the Invisible Fence® technician came out to change the collar voltage, and they never could resolve the issue… We can now change the DogWatch collar voltage by ourselves…” [Read More]

We Service ALL Competitive Brands of Hidden Fencing

Is your hidden fence broken? Are you having problems with your wire boundaries? We can fix it! Regardless of if it was installed by DogWatch or not, we are committed to helping everyone enjoy their hidden fence system.

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Although we cannot warranty-replace any electric components of other brands such as Invisible Fence®, Pet Stop®, Dog Guard®, or PetSafe®, we are always here to help. It’s never too late to start enjoying your hidden fence system! View our hidden pet fence service area or our professional pet partners to learn more about our company.  You can contact us online or by phone to schedule an appointment.