How DogWatch® Protects Your Home

DogWatch doesn’t just talk about external lightning protection… We deliver it!

Our promise at DogWatch is to protect your pets in the most effective, safest way possible. It’s no surprise that our company was the first hidden pet fence company to install External Lightning Protection.

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A forward-thinking step in continuing to assure your pet’s safety, our external lightning protection has changed the way your home and pets are protected.

External Lightning Protection: How It Works

At DogWatch we realize the importance of protecting your home, pets and loved ones from the damages that can result from lightning. That’s why we created our External Lightning Protection feature. So how does it work?

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When lightning strikes close to the ground, it is automatically attracted to your underground copper hidden fence wire. If lightning comes in contact with this wire, it will follow the wire to where it enters your home. This is where our External Lightning Protection comes into play. When installed, this feature allows the energy from a lightning strike to be redirected away from your house and back into the earth, keeping your pets and energy supply safe from harm. Without this protection, it is likely your home electrical system will be severely damaged.
Hidden fence lightning protection

External Lightning Protection: Why It’s Necessary

When looking at the extensive hidden fence wire buried around your home, it’s easy to see why our External Lightning Protection system is not only recommended, but absolutely necessary. Here’s why:

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Your DogWatch hidden fence wire is installed completely outside your home. Any electrical surge originating from outside will travel along this hidden wire and into your home. Our External Lightning Protection system acts as a reverse button, redirecting the energy away from your home and back (into) the earth. Without this external protection, your home’s internal electrical system cannot adequately protect you against high energy lightning surges.
Other hidden pet fence companies may not offer the same level of external lighting protection. But don’t worry – if you’ve bought an invisible dog fence from another source, we offer an Atlanta hidden fence trade-in program.

External Lightning Protection: What It Looks Like

Our Surge Protector is mounted on the outside of your home and serves as the basis for your home and system protection. The DogWatch External Lightning Protection system is both UL-rated and commercially graded, making it the most efficient and safest on the market.
DogWatch® hidden fence surge protection outside
DogWatch® hidden fence surge
The Surge Protector serves as a “junction box,” connecting all your system’s equipment in an organized manner. Connecting the Boundary Wire, Fence-System Wiring, and two Grounding Rods, it is required that this connection be made on the outside of your house to effectively serve as a buffer for electrical surges.
Grounding your home’s hidden fence system is eight feet of steel, known as our Grounding Rods. These rods are the foundation of your hidden fence system, protecting the system and your home from lightning damage. Without the grounding rods, there is no External Lightning Protection.
Hidden fence ground rod

Frequently Asked Questions About External Lightning Protection

Let’s take a look at how your hidden fence system is installed and how this prevents dangerous situations such as lightning. When lightning strikes it first makes contact with objects up and above the ground, such as a large tree or building. For that reason, the grounding rods that are fully buried a foot or two away from your house have virtually no chance of being struck by lightning.

Good, old fashioned grounding rods have been protecting homes just like yours for years. Even your modern home electrical system is equipped with one or more external grounding rods. Always protecting your home from damage, these grounding rods have consistently proven to withstand more than other systems such as internal surge arrestors. That’s why here at DogWatch we protect your hidden fence like professionals protect your home: externally. Trust our grounding rods to protect your home and give you peace of mind.

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