GPS Wireless
Wired Dog Fence Comparison

How does a GPS Wireless Dog Fence compare to a DogWatch® Hidden Fence?

GPS wireless dog fences like Halo® and SpotOn® can’t be trusted to provide the same level of safety for your pet compared to wired (underground) electronic dog fences like DogWatch® Hidden Fences.
Learn more about the downsides of GPS fences and explore the advantages of having a wired underground dog fence from DogWatch®.
GPS: Inconsistent Boundary
Hidden Fence: Consistent Boundary - Greater Safety
GPS wireless dog fences don’t provide a consistent boundary signal.  GPS coordinates regularly shift due to changing weather and other random factors which cause the boundary signal to move up to 16 feet in any direction, at any time.  A boundary that is not consistent can confuse a pet, making the training process difficult and the containment less reliable.  It can even cause a pet to experience a correction when they aren’t near the boundary – even inside the home.
Hidden fences with underground (permanently installed) wiring provide the most consistent boundary – precisely at the wire.  The boundary does not move, ever.  This consistency guarantees your pet is properly trained and will remain safely contained in their yard.
GPS: Short Collar-Battery Life
Hidden Fence: Longest Collar-Battery Life Available
Wireless dog fences typically use a rechargeable battery to power their receiver-collars.  GPS collars need to be charged one or more times each day. Over time the endless recharging process can become an inconvenient chore that eventually leads to inconsistent use of the collar.  Additionally, rechargeable batteries have a finite life, meaning they will eventually no longer function as a reliable power source for the GPS device.  These factors all lead to less reliable containment for your pet.
DogWatch receiver-collars offer a battery life of TWO YEARS, which provides greater safety for your pet and less hassle & expense for you.
GPS: Bulky Collar
Hidden Fence: Lightweight Collar Fits ALL Dogs (and Cats Too!)
GPS wireless dog fences are extremely bulky and not suitable for small to medium sized dogs.
DogWatch receiver-collars fit dogs of all sizes.  In fact, our R7mini receiver collar weighs only 1.1 ounces – a perfect size for small dogs, and cats too!
GPS: Monthly Fees and Limited Warranties
Hidden Fence: No Monthly Fees and a Lifetime Warranty!
Many wireless dog fence systems require an on-going monthly fee for the use of GPS and/or cellular networks.
DogWatch Hidden Fences have no monthly fees.  Plus, they come with a lifetime equipment warranty!  Most GPS wireless dog collars offer only a limited warranty.
GPS: Online Support Only
Hidden Fence: Atlanta DogWatch Provides Expert Training and In-Person Customer Service
GPS collar companies have developed a bad reputation for poor customer service and a product that doesn’t work as advertised.
Atlanta DogWatch® is a locally owned & operated business.  We live here too!  Our Hidden Fences come with comprehensive training.  Plus, we’ll be here to support you whenever you need it, long after you’ve chosen DogWatch®.
Check out some of our reviews for proof that our customer service is the best in the industry!
GPS: Signal Interference, Limited Uses
Hidden Fence: Patented SafeLink® Digital Signal
GPS wireless dog fences are not recommended for smaller-compact properties, as the GPS boundary line can vary unpredictably (up to 16 feet).  GPS signals are also subject to interference from close-by obstacles such as tall structures; buildings, trees, etc.
DogWatch Hidden Fences work great for all properties regardless of size or shape, and our patented FM signal is less prone to interference from other stray radio signals.
Customer Story
“I bought a Halo collar for my dog Bear hoping that would be a simple solution.  But after having nothing but problems with the collar, as well as the company, I gave Derrick from DogWatch by K9 Keeper Fencing a call and they were able to get me a fence in the same week!  They did an awesome job installing it, as well as training Bear on the fence.  The fence has been working great, and Bear has not got out of the year once! I am very happy, and would highly recommend it!”
Austin W. – Michigan

The reviews are in, people LOVE DogWatch®