Owner Friendly Features

Our team of experts at DogWatch® understands the importance of giving your pets the freedom to safely play outdoors, while also giving you security in knowing they will stay within certain boundaries. Working both indoors and outdoors, our hidden fence system allows you to keep both dogs and cats alike inside or outside of designated areas.

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With safety and efficiency, you can keep your pets out of areas such as gardens and pools or in areas such as a front yard or indoor living space. It’s time to start worrying less about your dog’s whereabouts and enjoying more of your home – start now with a DogWatch Hidden Fence System.

Benefits of the DogWatch® Pet Containment System

  • All DogWatch® outdoor Performance Series Equipment comes with a Lifetime Equipment Warranty and even includes your dog’s favorite chews!
  • Our hidden fence system uses only SafeLink® digital FM radio technology, making it the safest system for your pet.

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  • Avoid constantly changing batteries – DogWatch® receiver collars have the longest battery life in the industry.
  • From small yards to 200+ acre farms, we promise our hidden fence system will work for you!
  • All DogWatch® products work with any breed, age, and personality of both dogs and cats.
  • Keep even the most sensitive or timid pets safe and happy!
  • Our hidden fence systems are perfect for pet-lovers, accommodating for a limitless number of animals per system. As long as each of your pets wear his/her receiver collar, our system will work for you.
  • No more expensive and time-consuming phone calls to customer service! All DogWatch products give you the freedom to adjust and customize your pet’s hidden fence system when necessary.
  • After only a few basic training sessions, we guarantee a hidden fence system that is completely effective.
  • If you move, your system moves with you. Working coast-to-coast and around the world, you have the freedom to take your hidden fence system virtually anywhere!

Optional Accessories

PowerPak™ – Providing up to eight hours of backup power, you can rely on the DogWatch® PowerPak to keep your hidden fence system working should you lose electrical power.

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Although our training process effectively teaches your dog to stay within the hidden boundaries even when the system is off, the PowerPak gives you ease of mind knowing your pet is always safe even without power.

DogWatch® System Panel
System Panel – Keep your DogWatch® transmitter, tools, and equipment together in one place with our sleek and inexpensive system panel. Easily accessible within your home, our system panel allows you the convenience of organizing your hidden fence system and keeping it out of sight.