Indoor Hidden Fence Solutions

Teaching your pet where they can and cannot go…

DogWatch SmartFence
Introducing SmartFence
The world’s most intelligent pet containment system
hidden-fence-prod pg-yard configAs pet-owners ourselves, we know it can be hard to constantly keep an eye on your pet’s whereabouts. Our hidden pet fence systems always both you and your pet the freedom to enjoy your home to the fullest. Do you have certain rooms or furniture you want to deem “off-limits” for your pet? Without unsightly gates or barricades, our indoor hidden fence keeps your pets inside preferred areas and outside restricted areas.
hidden-fence-prod pg-indoor-boundaries-scootNot only can our hidden fence systems create boundaries to keep your pets both inside and outside of certain areas, but they function absolutely anywhere you see as necessary. Quiet, effective, and hidden from view, the DogWatch® hidden fence uses only the best FM radio technology to keep your pet safe and happy within the boundaries. Already have a DogWatch® outdoor hidden fence system? No problem.

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All DogWatch® hidden fence systems operate with the same receiver-collar your pet wears. Not only is this cost-effective, but it allows you to get the most value and best experience while using both your DogWatch® indoor and outdoor hidden fence systems.

Installation: Simple and Convenient

BOB Iso View - CroppedSimply place your DogWatch® transmitter inside an area within your home and create an immediate hidden fence. Training your pet should be easy, which is why our transmitters are user-friendly and easily adjusted as you see appropriate. No more lengthy phone calls with customer service – our indoor fence system is the best and easiest solution to keeping your dog away from the trash! For simple applications, try our “wired” fence units.* If you have more than one pet, talk to your DogWatch® dealer about installing a fully wired indoor system.

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Not only does this system accommodate for multiple pets and multiple rooms, but it still provides the same aesthetically pleasing features, remaining out of sight and quiet within your home.
* Equipped with adjustable boundaries, our “wireless” units use a signal that is directly emitted from the transmitter and, therefore, do not require boundary wires.

Styles and Features Created with You in Mind

The Skedaddle is our most flexible and pet-friendly transmitter on the market. With or without a wire boundary, the Skedaddle is perfect for any area inside your home.

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When used with a boundary wire, this transmitter model can accommodate a large living space within your home; when used without a wire, the Skedaddle protects smaller areas up to 10 feet in diameter. Make the most of your hidden pet fence with the Skedaddle.   [Purchase a Skedaddle]

On-the-go with your pet? Our B.O.B. is the perfect option for you. Equipped with portable boundary technology, our Battery Operated Boundary keeps your pet away from any area up to 8 feet in diameter.

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No need to find an outlet – our B.O.B. operates off a rechargeable battery. At the park having a picnic with your dog? Make sure he stays away from the food with a B.O.B.   [Purchase a B.O.B.]

Our extra small Scoot!® transmitter is perfect for more specific areas, such as a certain piece of furniture or the ledge of a window. If you have smaller specific areas of your home you want protected, our Scoot!® transmitter is perfect for you.

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Discreetly hidden, this indoor pet fence works quietly and effectively to keep your pet happy and safe within the designated indoor boundaries.   [Purchase a Scoot]
Both you and your pets deserve to live comfortably within your home! The solution to your indoor pet containment needs is just a call away – contact us to learn more about our dog and cat hidden fences.