How DogWatch® Keeps Your Pet Safe

DogWatch® Hidden Fences are safe for your pet as well as completely effective. Veterinarians, pet professionals and pet trainers all over the world own and recommend DogWatch® Hidden Fence pet containment systems.

In order for the hidden fence to work, your dog (or cat) must wear a special ‘radio collar’ that can detect the signal being transmitted through the buried wire…

DogWatch® Hidden Fence systems operation

When your pet approaches the boundary wire, the collar will emit an audible warning ‘beep’ that alerts him/her not to go further…

hidden fence systems operation
If your pet moves beyond the audible signal into the correction area, he/she receives a mild correction from the receiver-collar. Through an easy training program using flags as a visual marker, most dogs quickly learn where the “fence” is and stop when they hear the audible warning signal.
hidden fence system operration cross section

Will the ‘Correction’ Hurt My Dog?

The ‘correction’ from the radio collar when your pet gets too close to the hidden fence is like a mild ‘static shock’ – the kind you get from walking in your socks across a carpet and then touching a light switch on the wall. It is enough to get your attention, and you don’t really want to get another one, but it doesn’t ‘hurt’ you.

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This is enough to stop dogs (and cats) from crossing into the correction area. The strength of the correction can be easily adjusted so it is appropriate for the size and temperament of your pet. If you’re interested in setting “off limit” areas inside your home, you can learn more about our indoor hidden pet fences.

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