Why Choose DogWatch?

Freedom and flexibility – our promise to you when you choose to use DogWatch. Training your pet shouldn’t be difficult, which is why we have created the most pet-friendly and owner-oriented products on the market. We want you to feel confident and comfortable when training your pet, which is why we promise only the highest quality and most innovative products.

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Designed with your pets in mind, our products are both cost-effective and successful in keeping your favorite furry friends safe within your home. As pet-owners ourselves, we care about your pets just as much as you do. If you want the best for your pet, it’s time you use DogWatch.
Since 1990, our DogWatch products have been keeping pets happy and healthy around the world. Protected under nine separate U.S. Patents, our products guarantee your satisfaction and your pet’s safety. Our mos t unique, innovative feature: our patented SafeLink® FM radio technology. Filed by DogWatch in 2001 and awarded the following year in 2002, our FM radio technology is what makes us the best in the market. Compared to other AM radio technology systems that provide for harmful faulty corrections and system interferences, our innovative FM radio technology provides your dog with the safest, most effective hidden boundary system.
Learn more about U.S. Patent #6467435.

The Top 5 Reasons to Choose DogWatch®



DogWatch Hidden Fence stands out from all other pet fence brands. DogWatch® is the ONLY hidden pet fence product in the entire industry that uses an FM radio signal. DogWatch’s patented SafeLink® FM radio signal protects your pet from unintentional collar corrections caused by common household AM radio appliances (like garage/car door openers, TV remotes, baby monitors, etc.).


Cost (& Environmental) Savings

DogWatch® R9 receiver-collars offer a TWO year battery life, which is 8 times longer than the rest of the industry. When you add up the money spent on batteries over the full lifecycle of a hidden fence, DogWatch has the lowest Total-Cost-of-Ownership in the business. Changing collar-batteries much less often means you’re less likely to forget, making DogWatch the safest choice for your pet as well as the least expensive.



In addition to our patented FM signal, DogWatch includes other significant safety features not found in Invisible Fence® and other brands. For example, features such as AutoMemory®, FastReact® and TattleTale® are exclusive DogWatch safety features. The DogWatch system also uses a ‘Distance-based’ correction trigger rather than a ‘Time-based’ correction trigger. This provides a more reliable and consistent boundary for training your pet – no surprises, no confusion.

guaranteed containment

Guaranteed Containment

DogWatch® maintains a 100% success rate for keeping ALL dogs safely in the yard. The reasons for this are; having the most effective & technologically advanced equipment available in the industry that adjusts specifically to your pet, and sticking with our customers until a complete solution is in place. We commit & deliver to every customer that, regardless of temperament, ALL dogs will be contained by DogWatch®.


Quality - Atlanta

Atlanta DogWatch® regularly inspects new customer installations to make certain it was done perfectly. Because of this a DogWatch hidden fence has the best chance of surviving long-term mistreatment from Mother Nature, Landscapers, etc. From External lightning protection to grass-to-concrete transitions, DogWatch goes the extra mile every time to ensure you have the highest quality hidden fence in the business.

1. Technology

DogWatch® provides only the most innovative and forward-thinking technology in the industry, creating for state-of-the-art pet training products incomparable to other brands. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing you with nothing less than the most effective and reliable products on the market.

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The only system to offer a patented SafeLink® feature, our hidden fence systems protect your pet from faulty corrections and interference common among all AM radio-electronic hidden pet fences. Your dog deserves only the best. That’s why DogWatch hidden fence systems come equipped with many other benefits, including:

2. Cost (and Environment) Savings

With a battery lasting 8 times longer than other competing brands, our DogWatch® R9 receiver collar offers more than just a two-year battery life. It offers you peace of mind, knowing your dog is always protected.
Having the LOWEST Total-Cost-of-Ownership in the business, our DogWatch R9 receiver collar offers you the freedom of training your dog without breaking the bank. Less batteries means less damage on the environment, making DogWatch the “Greenest” Hidden Fence in the industry. Your savings don’t stop after you purchase your hidden fence system – enjoy continuous cost and environmental savings by choosing DogWatch.
10 year battery graphic for hidden dog fences

3. Safety

Your pet’s safety is our top priority here at DogWatch, which is why we have incorporated only the most successful and innovative safety features in all of our products. In addition to our patented FM signal fence system, your dog’s safety is promised through other features such as AutoMemory® and FastReact®, both exclusive to DogWatch.

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With our AutoMemory® feature, your dog’s training is constantly reinforced through automatic correction level adjustments. Does your dog need a little extra incentive? Trust our AutoMemory® feature to continue to train your dog even when you can’t. Designed using a ‘Distance-based’ rather than ‘Time-based’ mechanism, our FastReact® DogWatch system continues to ensure the most reliable and consistent training for your pet.

4. 100% Containment Guarantee

When you choose DogWatch, you choose to have peace of mind that your dog is always protected. Our products are the most effective and technologically advanced on the market – it’s no wonder they have a 100% success rate!
Having trouble training your pet or operating your Hidden Fence System? We promise to stick by our customers, always ready to answer questions and help in any way we can. At DogWatch, we believe in quality assurance and customer satisfaction every time.

5. Quality – Atlanta

When installing your hidden fence system and training your dog, you can trust DogWatch to be both thorough and precise. We promise to give our customers 100%, which is why our hidden fence system is equipped with the most innovative and durable technology to withstand the test of time and Mother Nature.
From our External Lightning Protection to our state-of-the-art FM Radio Technology, we are committed to going the extra mile to ensure you have nothing less than the highest quality hidden fence system in the business.