Need Help? We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

Belinda Skelton of WSB Radio endorses Atlanta DogWatch® Hidden Fence

We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

Belinda Skelton of WSB Radio endorses Atlanta DogWatch® Hidden Fence

We Have a Solution to Fit ANY Budget!

BarkCollar Frequently Asked Questions

Our team of product designers at DogWatch® knows barking is one of the biggest challenges owners may face when training a dog. Not only does the BarkCollar help reduce and eliminate excessive barking, but it does so without the pain and humiliation of other training products such as a muzzle. It’s time your yappy dog became a happy dog, so try the DogWatch® BarkCollar today.

Our BarkCollars are made with your pet in mind, fitting comfortably and easily on virtually any dog. In order for the collar to best detect your dog’s barking, the contact posts of the collar need to be touching the center of your dog’s neck – this is where vibrations from your dog’s bark are created and detected by the BarkCollar. Additionally, your dog’s BarkCollar should be snug against the smallest part of your dog’s neck, right below the ears. Fitting snugly and correctly, we guarantee your DogWatch BarkCollar will turn your yappy dog into a happy dog.

Our BarkCollar batteries depend on frequency of use and the barking behavior of your dog, equipped with the most innovative technology to allow for longer battery life. For talkative dogs who more frequently activate their collar, battery life will be closer to a month; for dogs who only occasionally activate their collars, battery life can last more than a month. As the most pet-friendly and people-oriented business in the market, BarkCollar is made for your convenience.

The DogWatch® BarkCollar aims to first limit, then eliminate barking through the use of a sensor activated by your dog’s barking. Our unique collar is equipped with technology focused on creating a balance between acceptable and unacceptable barking. The “bark-forgiveness period” helps your dog learn when barking has become unacceptable, allowing the dog to bark for three seconds and then delivering a non-harmful vibration. If the dog stops barking, so does the vibration. If the dog continues to bark after this three-second period, the vibration level will continue to increase until it reaches the maximum level. This vibration level can be adjusted to how you see fit, giving you the freedom to play an important role within your dog’s training.

It’s time to stop worrying about changing batteries or keeping them charged. With our DogWatch BarkCollar, these worries are virtually irrelevant. Only needing to be recharged after significant decrease, these replacement batteries save you both time and money. Not only are they cost-effective, but our rechargeable batteries typically last several years and are easy to replace when necessary.

We suggest taking your dog’s BarkCollar off when it is not in use. Not only will this avoid skin irritation from lengthy-use, but it will also provide for a longer-lasting battery.

It is important to first assess your dog’s reaction to the BarkCollar before choosing a correction setting. Turning on the BarkCollar and setting it to “V” (Vibration) mode, place the BarkCollar on your pet. To indicate what setting is best for your dog you need to observe the dog barking. Look for little signals such as a head shake, ear twitch, or change in barking behavior. These signs indicate that your dog has responded to the BarkCollar and that the level of correction is appropriate. If you do not see any signs that your dog noticed the correction from the BarkCollar, you can increase the setting by one level. Never increase more than one level at a time. Repeat this process until you see a subtle sign of your dog responding to the BarkCollar.

Most dogs begin to associate barking with the BarkCollar correction after several activation’s of their receiver collar. If your dog’s receiver collar fits appropriately and is equipped with the correct size contact posts, you should see a noticeable change in your dog’s behavior. However, no two dogs are alike and there are many variables to take into consideration. The biggest of these factors is personality. Your dog’s personality plays a vital role in how quickly his barking behavior will change. For example, barking behavior in timid dogs may change more rapidly than in dogs with a stronger personality. Among other things are your dog’s tolerance for distractions when barking and the triggers at which your dog barks.

All of our BarkCollars are equipped with a Status Light. That Status Light will relay to you information regarding your dog’s BarkCollar, such as a confirmation that the collar is working. When the Status Light on your dog’s collar blinks green, this is an indication that his collar is both charged and functioning appropriately. Alternatively, there is also an auto “self-test” option (see below).

To save you time and worry, our BarkCollars are built with an auto “self-test” feature. Each time you turn on your dog’s collar and change the setting, the BarkCollar will vibrate briefly and the status light will illuminate. This quick and easy “self-check” allows you to know your dog’s BarkCollar is both charged and working successively.

As our promise to work with nearly any dog, we created our BarkCollars to be effective on dogs as small as four pounds. As long as your dog’s receiver collar fits correctly and appropriately, our BarkCollar should work for your favorite furry friend.

As is the case with almost all training methods, we recommend waiting to use the BarkCollar until your dog is between four and six months.

Of course not. The stimulations emitted from your pet’s BarkCollar are non-harmful and mild, similar to a slight tickle or light static. Your dog’s health and safety is our priority, a promise we further guarantee by making only the safest, most harmless products on the market.

No. In order to be activated, the contact posts on the dog’s BarkCollar must sense vibrations from a dog’s neck, therefore unable to set-off another dog’s collar.

Of course! We aim to make training your dog as easy as possible by creating products that can be used simultaneously, allowing for the most efficient pet training environment.

Yes. As pet-owners ourselves, we know dogs love the lake, beach, and pool. Our DogWatch® BarkCollar is waterproof, allowing your dog the freedom to enjoy his favorite outdoor spots.

Yes. We know things happen and dogs will be dogs, which is why our BarkCollar comes with a one-year warranty.

Our BarkCollar comes with a guarantee to keep your dog happy and healthy. While this means there are no specific health restrictions for our products, we recommend contacting your veterinarian should you have any concerns about your dog using a bark collar.

In order for the BarkCollar to best detect your dog’s barking vibrations, we recommend using long contact posts for longer-haired dogs and short contact posts for shorter-haired dogs.

Using the most innovative technology, the DogWatch BarkCollar operates in temperatures ranging from minus 25 degrees (F) to 125 degrees (F). Although the BarkCollar may take time to adjust to rapid and significant temperature change, you can trust that your dog’s BarkCollar will be effective in any type of weather.

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