The BarkCollar BT-7 No-Bark Trainer

Be a happy dog, not a yappy dog.

As pet-owners ourselves, we understand how difficult it can be to have a talkative dog – it’s one of the most common problems of pet-owners everywhere. That’s why we created the DogWatch BarkCollar No Bark Trainer. The goal of our BarkCollar is to find common ground between your dog’s normal and excessive barking, to find a balance that keeps everyone happy.

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Not only does our BarkCollar help reduce and eliminate excessive barking, but it does so without the pain and humiliation of other training products, such as a muzzle. Equipped with seven adjustable settings and a vibration option, our BarkCollars are made with your dog in mind.

BarkCollar BT-7 Features

Progressive Levels

Effective training stems from consistency and reinforcement. That’s why our BarkCollar comes equipped with a progressive vibration level that is activated upon your dog’s barking.

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As your dog continues to bark, the vibration increases. When your dog stops barking, so does the vibration. This type of progressive, continuous signal helps your dog associated his unwanted behavior with the receiver collar signal.

Bark Forgiveness

To help your dog establish a sense of “acceptable” and excessive barking, our BarkCollar gives your dog a three-second period to bark. This Bark Forgiveness period helps your dog learn when barking has become excessive.

Bark Counter

Want to track your dog’s barking behavior? Our BarkCollar allows you to stay updated on your dog’s progress, providing information about how often the collar has been activated by your dog’s barking.

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Even when you’re not there to observe your dog’s barking behavior, you can rely on your dog’s BarkCollar to provide you with accurate and up-to-date information.

Lightweight Durability, Long-Lasting Battery

No more worrying about changing batteries or your dog playing rough. Our BarkCollar is made with only the most innovative and durable technology.

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You can trust that your dog’s BarkCollar battery will last for several months before you need to recharge it. And to make it even easier, the Low Battery Indicator on your dog’s receiver collar will notify you when it’s time to recharge. Though it may be small, you can trust our DogWatch BarkCollar to deliver outstanding performance. Is your furry friend a fan of the lake or beach? No worries. The BarkCollar is made to withstand those “Dogs will be dogs” moments… even those including water.