The Complete Guide to Buying a Hidden Fence

Hidden Fence for Dogs

In the United States, about 10 million pets are lost each year. Out of all of these pets, only 15% of dogs are ever reunited with their owners. When you own a pet, finding a way to protect them and keep them safe is a top priority. One thing that can help is installing a hidden fence for dogs. This is a great alternative to a traditional fence that will still keep your pet safe on your property. 

Do you want to learn more about how hidden fences work, their features, and more? Keep reading this guide for everything you need to know about purchasing a hidden fence for your home.

What is a hidden fence?

Simply put, a hidden dog fence is a type of pet boundary that is created with an invisible fence wire that is buried a few inches beneath the ground. These fences are also referred to as invisible fences and underground fences.

The underground wire emits a radio signal that is picked up by your pet’s collar. If your pet crosses the boundary created by the hidden fence, the collar will use a combination of mild corrections and audible tones to keep them within the boundaries of your fence.

How invisible fences work

How does an invisible fence work?

Most hidden fences work in the same way and use the same basic components. First, you need a transmitting device. This is typically mounted to a wall in your house or your garage and is what sends the radio signal to your pet’s collar from the wire. You also need the invisible fence wire and a receiver.

Once these parts are on hand, invisible dog fence installers can come to your home and bury the wire. This creates a boundary for your dog, without having to have a physical fence blocking views or violating neighborhood ordinances. Then, you can set up the transmitting device and put the receiver collar on your dog.

Flags can also be placed along the line of your invisible fence. This will show your dog where the boundaries are and can be used during training to help them learn to not cross over the line. If your dog starts to get too close to the buried wire, the collar will emit an audible beep that serves as a warning not to go further.

If they continue on their path and cross the boundary line, they will receive a mild correction from the collar, which will let them know that it is not safe to cross any further. Through proper training, the sound of the collar beeping will be enough to have your pet stop and turn back from the boundary.

benefits of dog watch hidden fences

Benefits of a Hidden Fence for Dogs

Hidden fences are a great option for many homeowners. Not only do they help keep your dog safe in your yard, but they are simple to install. Here are some of the top hidden fence benefits. 

Alternative to Fencing

One of the biggest benefits of a hidden fence is that it is an excellent alternative to traditional fencing. Many homeowners are not able to install fences on their property, whether they are against HOA regulations or if their property is too large. Others may simply not like the appearance of a fenced-in yard. A hidden fence is a great alternative to other types of fences in these cases.


Hidden fences are also a cost-effective solution for many homeowners. If you live on a large property, it can be quite expensive to fence the entire thing. Instead, you can use a hidden fence to make a larger boundary for your pets without needing to spend an exorbitant amount of money. You can also select the size and shape of your boundary when you use a hidden fence. Plus, the invisible fence wires are less expensive per square foot. You are able to afford a larger boundary than you would be with a traditional fence. 


Another reason why many individuals prefer an invisible fence is that they are an adaptable solution for pet owners. For example, you can adjust the size of your boundary, you can use the same fence for multiple pets, and more. Plus, invisible fence providers typically also have an option for an indoor dog fence. This means you can set boundaries in your own home and keep your pets out of certain areas with ease. 

Keeps Your Dog Safe

Finally, outdoor hidden fence systems are an easy way to keep your dog safe. This is the primary reason why homeowners choose this type of fence. These fences will effectively keep your dog on your property where they are safe, preventing calls from concerned neighbors who find your pet in places they shouldn’t be. 

Keeps Your Dog Safe

How do you install a hidden fence?

When it comes to installing a hidden fence, the process is quite easy. First, you need to locate and mark your underground lines and pipes. This is something you can have done by a utility company or hidden dog fence installer and ensures that vital utilities are not damaged while burying your invisible fence wire.

Once everything is clearly marked, a very narrow, shallow trench must be dug for the wire to be buried in. This trench must be a couple of inches deep to prevent it from being exposed and it must run the full length of your boundary.

After laying the wire and burying it, you can set up your transmitter unit in an easy-to-access waterproof area and train your dog with their new collar. Though some choose to do this on their own, many pet owners find that having the help of the team of professionals that installed the hidden dog fence is invaluable.

Benefits of a Hidden Fence

Choose DogWatch® to Keep Your Pet Safe

When you are looking for ways to keep your dog safe on your property, a hidden fence is by far one of the best solutions. They are an inexpensive alternative when compared to traditional fences and they provide the same, if not better, protection.

When you need professional invisible dog fence installers, DogWatch® Hidden Fences is here to help! As a hidden fence company since 1990, we have been keeping pets around the world happy and healthy. Contact us today and our experienced team can help you learn more about hidden fence costs and installing hidden dog fences, as well as to receive a free quote!