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Unveiling the Heart of Atlanta DogWatch: A Passion for Pets and Quality Workmanship

At Atlanta DogWatch, our passion is deeply intertwined with our purpose. The genuine love we have for dogs and our understanding of their significance as beloved family members fuel our commitment to what we do. Our mission to provide Atlanta hidden dog fences isn’t just a business endeavor; it’s an opportunity for us to enhance the lives of pets and their owners. 

Witnessing the happiness and security our products bring to families and knowing that we play a part in fostering the bond between humans and their companions, is what makes every day at Atlanta DogWatch a source of genuine joy. The satisfaction of knowing that we contribute to the safety, freedom, and overall well-being of pets is what ignites our passion and keeps us dedicated to our work.

Our Origins

In 2001, Brent Potvin and his wife Shannon, became customers of DogWatch. They had just gotten two new family members—King, a German shepherd, and Jack, a golden retriever—and they were keeping them on their tails. The Potvins didn’t want their dogs running loose in the neighborhood, so they wanted a way to keep them safely contained. DogWatch seemed like an obvious choice to them and served their needs perfectly. Later, in 2005, the Potvins were looking for a new business venture and decided to invest further into a product they knew was worth it, one they truly believed in. 

“At Atlanta DogWatch, we have a slogan,” Brent says, “We help our customers care for and protect some of the most beloved members of their family.” Taking over the Atlanta area dealership of DogWatch has given the Potvin family a chance to serve fellow pet owners, ensuring the safety and happiness of their beloved pets.

Why We Choose DogWatch For Our Dogs

The Potvins wanted the best for dogs and when they found it, they made it their personal mission to share it with as many pet owners as possible. Before they were owners, the Potvins did their research—they recommend you do the same—and found three major qualities that set DogWatch apart from their competitors: FM technology vs. AM, the longest collar-battery life in the industry and built-in lightning protection. It’s these advantages, coupled with their genuine love for pets, that make DogWatch the ultimate choice for ensuring your beloved companions’ happiness, freedom, and well-being.

The Only FM Wireless Dog Fence On the Market 

DogWatch is the only wireless pet fence on the market that uses FM (frequency modulation) technology, setting a new standard for precision and accuracy in pet safety. AM signals aren’t as reliable, which can lead to false collar corrections and confusion for pets. FM signals, on the other hand, are highly precise, eliminating the risk of pets being corrected when they shouldn’t be, and providing a level of reliability that is unmatched in the industry. 

Long Lasting Battery Life

Most traditional wireless pet fence collars require frequent battery replacements, typically lasting only three months. DogWatch collars are designed with a battery life that spans an impressive 24 months. This extended battery life not only saves pet owners the inconvenience and cost of frequent replacements but also reduces negative environmental impact. Our collar battery life is a significant reason why we are a top choice for wireless pet fencing.

Lightning Protection

DogWatch understands the potential risks posed by lightning strikes, which is why we take proactive measures to ensure maximum safety. By strategically installing grounding rods as part of the system, DogWatch delivers protection to your home against the destructive forces of lightning. 

Our Passion For Pets Connects People

Our passion for pets and their safety carries into every interaction we have with our customers and community, from helping find the best wireless pet containment system for them to educating pet owners with our blog. As we celebrate our 19th year of being in business, we are proud to have our blog ranked 2nd amongst the 15 Best Fencing Blogs and Websites by FeedSpot. While we are overjoyed to have our work recognized, we are more excited by the fact that our voice is being heard by fellow pet owners and lovers. Atlanta DogWatch is fueled by our passion for pets, and we are proud to contribute to the pet community. 

Why You Should Choose Atlanta DogWatch

Don’t take our word for it. We recommend that you do your research, look at what our competitors have to offer, and read reviews for all products. We truly believe that our reputation and the quality of DogWatch products and services will speak for itself. Choosing us isn’t just a decision; it’s a guarantee that you’re choosing the very best that’s available for your pet’s safety and happiness.

If you’re seeking a reliable and innovative wireless pet containment system, look no further than Atlanta DogWatch. With a strong commitment to pet safety, cutting-edge technology, and a genuine love for animals, we are here to enhance the lives of both pets and their owners. Reach out to us today to learn about the cost of a Hidden Pet Fence and discover how we can create a safer and happier environment for your beloved family members.