How DogWatch Protects Your Home From Lightning

When it comes to safeguarding our homes and beloved pets, there’s no room for compromise. That’s where DogWatch Atlanta steps in, offering a great level of security with their state-of-the-art wireless electric dog fence systems. But DogWatch doesn’t stop there; we’ve taken pet safety to the next level with our electric fence lightning protection, ensuring that your home remains a safe haven whenever lightning occurs.

The Need for Protection from Lightning

Lightning strikes can be catastrophic, not just for the structures they hit but also for the electrical systems within. For homes equipped with a wireless electric dog fence, this risk is magnified due to the extensive network of underground wiring throughout the property. DogWatch Atlanta has recognized this vulnerability and has delivered a solution that protects from lightning strikes, preserving both your property and your peace of mind.

How DogWatch Provides Protection from Lightning

DogWatch’s external lightning protection system is designed to counteract the destructive forces of lightning. When it strikes, it’s naturally drawn to the underground copper wire of your wireless electric dog fence. Without protection, this would lead to a massive surge of electrical energy traveling towards your home, risking damage to your internal electrical system. DogWatch’s system acts as a guardian, redirecting this surge back into the earth, away from your home. This is achieved through a setup that includes a surge protector and grounding rods. 

Dogwatch hidden fence external lightning protection system routes surges to ground before they can damage your home electrical system

Surge Protector

Mounted on the exterior of your home, the surge protector is a critical component of the wireless electric dog fence. The surge protector is designed to divert the electrical surge away from the fence’s wiring, preventing it from entering the home. These devices are both UL-rated and commercially graded for maximum effectiveness. 

ground rod

Grounding Rods

Complementing the surge protector are the grounding rods. These heavy-duty steel rods are driven into the ground, connect directly to the surge protector. A full eight feet of grounding rod(s) is used to provide a safe pathway for the diverted electrical surge, channeling it harmlessly back into the earth. The grounding rods are what ensures the protection of your home.  Without them there is no lightning protection.

Together, the surge protector and grounding rods provide defense against the unpredictable nature of lightning. DogWatch’s commitment to safety is based on this solution, providing pet owners with great peace of mind.

Why DogWatch’s Protection is Essential

The necessity of DogWatch’s external lightning protection cannot be overstated. It’s not just an added feature; it’s an essential component of a comprehensive safety system for your home and pets. With the unpredictable nature of weather and destructive power of lightning strikes, having this protection in place provides an invaluable layer of security.

Customer Experiences

The effectiveness of DogWatch’s system is further reflected in the many dog watch reviews from customers. From the seamless installation process to the professional training and support, the feedback underscores the reliability and excellence of both the product and the service. Customers have expressed their satisfaction with the safety provided, highlighting how the wireless electric dog fence and protection from lightning have given them confidence in the security of their homes and the safety of their pets.

Choose DogWatch Atlanta To Protect Your Home and Family

DogWatch Atlanta’s commitment to pet safety and home protection is evident in their cutting-edge wireless electric dog fence and the indispensable protection from lightning features. By choosing DogWatch, you’re not just installing a pet containment system; you’re investing in a safety solution that stands guard against the unpredictable forces of nature, ensuring that your furry friends and your home remain safe, no matter what the weather brings.

For those in Atlanta looking to upgrade their pet fence system or seeking to install a new one, consider the peace of mind that comes with DogWatch’s robust protection. It’s not just a fence; it’s a source of safety for your beloved pets and your cherished home.