What To Know About Underground Dog Fence Installation

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Every pet owner fears that their pet might run away or go missing, and estimates show that one out of every three pets goes missing at some point in their life. With such a high statistic, it’s no wonder that pet owners search for ways to keep their furry friends safely in their homes or on their properties. While owners want to keep their pets safe, they also want to avoid adding an unsightly fence to their property.

Underground dog fences offer a convenient and affordable solution to this problem. With a hidden fence, you can rest assured that your dog will stay safely in your yard. However, you might be confused about hidden pet fences and the best way to install one on your property. Luckily, DogWatch® is here to teach you everything you should know about installing a hidden fence, so you and your pet can stay stress-free.

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How an Underground Dog Fence Works

Underground dog fences act as a simple way to keep your dog contained in specified areas of your yard. At DogWatch®, our hidden dog fence solutions work via an FM radio frequency sent to a hidden wire in the ground. Your dog will wear a special collar that detects the frequency of this wire, so it can act as a barrier to keep your dog inside the yard. When your dog approaches this wire, the collar will emit a warning tone. With simple dog training tips, your dog will quickly learn to avoid the boundary line when hearing this sound.

If your pet moves past the boundary line, it will receive a small correction from the collar. These corrections don’t hurt the dog and feel like a short static shock. This correction will remind your dog to stay within the boundaries without harming it. Depending on the size of your pet, you can also adjust the strength of the correction to match your pet’s needs.

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Advantages of a Hidden Dog Fence

For many people, pets offer unparalleled companionship and are considered irreplaceable members of the family. The security offered by a hidden dog fence means you never have to worry about your pet getting lost or running into traffic while playing outside. While this security is essential for many pet owners, DogWatch® hidden fences also offer a wide range of additional benefits.

The most obvious benefit of a DogWatch® hidden fence is that it’s hidden from sight. A traditional wire or wooden fence can be an eyesore and block views of your house. Meanwhile, underground fences offer all the protection of an above-ground fence without compromising the appearance of your yard.

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Additionally, Atlanta hidden dog fences are immune to some of the most common problems of traditional fencing options. A dog could dig, jump, or bite through a wooden fence, while underground fences are immune to these issues. Of course, there are ways to modify above-ground fences and discourage these actions, but they can be unsightly, expensive, and inconvenient compared to a hidden fence. The technology of our hidden fences provides protection for your dog without worrying about the expensive maintenance of a traditional fence.

Finally, DogWatch® hidden fences use FM radio frequencies instead of AM frequencies. While this might sound confusing to the average buyer, it’s an important detail for your pet’s safety. AM frequency systems are prone to interference and can have harmful faulty corrections that affect your dog’s collar. Our patented FM technology offers the safest and most secure hidden fence transmitter features on the market because we take every precaution to keep your pet happy and safe.

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Hidden Dog Fence Installation Process

At DogWatch®, our hidden fence installation process is relatively straightforward. We’ll work with you to create a boundary line around your property, then we’ll install an underground wire in a way that doesn’t affect your yard’s appearance. After burying this wire boundary, we’ll install an FM transmitter in your garage, basement, or other convenient location, so it can send signals to the wire buried in your yard.

We also take the installation a step further by adding external lightning protection to your home. Since the buried wire is made of copper, lightning strikes are automatically attracted to it. If left unobstructed, the electricity from this lightning would travel down the wire into your home, which could severely damage your home’s electrical system. By adding external lightning protection, that electricity is redirected into the ground, which protects your home from potential electrical damage.

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Underground Dog Fence Configurations

When installing your hidden fence, the team at DogWatch® is committed to meeting your needs. Since the boundary wire is buried underground, hidden fences provide increased flexibility during the installation process. There are a variety of different configurations you might want to consider for your property.

Basic Perimeter Loop

Perhaps the most common configuration is the basic loop around the perimeter of your property. This basic loop structure allows the most freedom and space for your dog while also ensuring they stay safe. With this configuration, you can also take things a step further by installing a smaller loop around extra areas that you want your dog to avoid. These areas can include garden beds, flowers, ponds, or pools that your pet should avoid.

The advantage of this approach is that it offers your dog lots of freedom to run around and play on your property while still avoiding areas that you want to protect. The disadvantage is that you’ll have less control over your pet. They can freely run around the front, back, or side of your property which can make it difficult to keep a clear line of sight with your pet. If you’re comfortable with this and want your pet to have optimum freedom, then this is a great option to consider.

Hourglass Pitch

The “hourglass” configuration creates separate containment zones in the front and back of the house. The boundary wire loops around the whole property, but pinches in towards the home in the middle. This configuration creates two distinct zones for your pet to explore.

The advantage of this setup is that your dog has access to the entire yard while still being contained in a particular area. This means you can keep an eye on your dog no matter where you are. If you want to sit on the front porch, your pup can run around the front yard. If you want to do some work in the backyard, then your dog can stay with you there too.

The disadvantage of this configuration is that your dog won’t have as much freedom to explore the entire yard at once. Your dog will be restricted to either the front or backyard at a single time. Additionally, to move your dog between zones, you’ll have to deactivate its collar when moving between zones.

Backyard Only or Front Yard Only

With a DogWatch® hidden fence, you can also choose to install a fence in only the front or backyard depending on your needs. With this option, we’ll only install the underground wire in the area that you choose, so you can safely keep your dog contained. Since this method uses less wire, it’s also more affordable than installing a hidden fence around your entire property. The disadvantage to this option is that your dog won’t have the freedom to explore the entire yard. If you have a smaller property or only want your dog to access a certain area, then this option is a great fit for your needs.

Banana Loop

While this option is less common, it still provides partial protection around your property. This configuration works by installing an underground wire around 1, 2, or 3 sides of your property. Since this option doesn’t protect the entire area, it is mainly used when one more side is already protected, such as an above-ground fence that only covers the backyard.

Personalized Configuration

Since every yard is unique, your specific needs might not be met by any of the options listed above. An advantage of DogWatch® hidden fences is that they can be installed in any way that meets your needs. Whether you need one side of your yard covered or the entire yard covered, our team will work with you to install an underground fence that works for you.

Indoor Hidden Fences

At DogWatch®, we also offer indoor pet fence solutions. Using the same collar and gentle correction stimulation, these indoor fences can keep your dog contained in certain areas of the house or keep them out of forbidden areas. These fences only use a transmitter, so you don’t have to worry about installing a wire around your house. These fences are a great option for dogs that spend most of their time indoors.

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Choose DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fences

Underground dog fences are a great alternative to traditional wooden or wire fences while still keeping your dog safe. These hidden fences also offer an unparalleled level of flexibility with their installation options. There are also indoor hidden fence solutions available that can help establish indoor boundaries for your pet. Regardless of your situation, there are a variety of options that will fit your needs. At DogWatch®, we care about keeping your pets safe with the best technology available. To learn more about what sets us apart from the competition or to receive a quote, contact us today.