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Why You Should Pair Your Hidden Fence With a Traditional Above Ground Fence

When people are considering what kind of dog containment to get for their backyard, many think it is a choice between an electric dog fence or a traditional above-ground fence. The truth is that both work remarkably well together. This setup offers the benefit of two barriers working together to ensure that your pet stays safely contained within the space. Hidden fencing, also known as invisible fencing, has several advantages compared to traditional physical barriers, and if used properly along with an aboveground model, it provides the most effective way to protect pets from leaving their designated areas. 

Why Should You Get an Outdoor Wireless Dog Fence? 

When it comes to finding the best method to keep your dog safe and secure, nothing comes close to beating an electric dog fence. Above ground fencing simply isn’t always enough for keeping your dog in the yard. Dogs are intelligent and curious creatures, and they will often dig or climb over an above ground fence. Even if your dog doesn’t have those habits, there’s always the risk that a gate can be left open, especially if you have kids. 

Another benefit that an outdoor wireless dog fence has over an above ground fence is that it can be placed in the front yard of your property. While not completely unheard of, it’s uncommon for houses to have above ground fencing in their front yard, which puts your dogs at risk of escaping. However, this doesn’t apply to an electric dog fence since these are invisible to our eyes. This means that when you are answering the door or playing catch in the front yard, you won’t have to worry about your dog going outside of their boundaries. 

  • Privacy: Above ground fences give your backyard a sense of privacy, preventing nosy neighbors from looking in. With a fence protecting your backyard, it creates a private oasis that belongs only to you.
  • Barrier: Because they present a physical barrier to your property from BOTH sides, above ground fences prevent other/random animals and people from freely roaming into your private yard space.
  • Pools: If you have a pool, you need a fence. In the State of Georgia, it is required by law to have a fence around your pool.
  • Containing Children: While above ground fences are ineffective at keeping your pets contained, they are great at keeping children safe and where they are supposed to be.
  • Aesthetics: Many people might enjoy the traditional look an above ground fence gives them and want one purely for the look and style.

The Installation of Both Above ground Fences and Electric Dog Fences

Pairing an electric dog fence with an above-ground fence is the most effective way to keep your dog safe in your yard. First, the physical fence serves as a barrier to leaving the yard quickly and easily – effectively slowing them down in this effort.  When a hidden pet fence has been paired with the physical barrier-fence, if they get too close to it the secure outdoor wireless dog fence will keep them away from it with a quick buzz on their collar, leaving them no time to dig or climb over the above-ground fence. 

You’ll want to be mindful of how the installation goes, though. If you have an electric dog fence already buried underground, you want to be careful the new fence doesn’t disturb it. Oftentimes, builders will unknowingly cut the wireless dog fence, stopping it from working. If this happens to you, you should reach out to DogWatch Atlanta immediately—even if your dog is trained, they will eventually figure out the hidden fence isn’t working and escape the yard. 

If you already have an above ground fence, DogWatch Atlanta can work around it without causing any disturbances to your backyard or fence. If you are looking to install both, we can help you find the perfect setup that will help you fulfill your pet containment needs.

Have DogWatch Atlanta Install Your Above Ground Fence

DogWatch Atlanta is happy to announce that we are now offering above ground fence installation and repair services to our customers. Our goal has always been to set our customers up for the greatest success and this new service provides us with a chance to further our commitment to the community. Reach out to DogWatch Atlanta to learn more about how we can help you protect your beloved pets today with our outdoor wireless dog fence