happy customers of atlanta hidden dog fence

Todd Godwin & Marlee (Irish Setter)

Pet Stop Trade-In

Dear DogWatch,

Thank you for upgrading our Pet Stop system with yours.  Now, we have a working Hidden Fence in our yard and our Irish Setter “Marlee”, is now able to stay outside, unsupervised, yet be safe and at home where she belongs.

We moved into our home in early 2014 and the previous owners had a fence system installed by Pet Stop.  While it worked initially, we started having issues where we found the only way to get the system to work was to reset the system by completely removing power.  This worked a few times, but ultimately found the system was not providing the barrier we needed with our dog, as she finally challenged the fence and went after a deer.  Only through sheer luck were we able to catch her!  Nerve racking to say the least as she is a “runner”, hence the reason to keep her fenced in.

Knowing that Pet Stop wanted us to completely replace a system they only installed a few years ago, and in looking at what I would categorize as a poorly installed system (exposed wire, and an electrical connection that was exposed to environmental conditions), we decided to take a look at a few other systems with the goal of having something properly installed which would provide peace of mind for years to come.

We are so glad we found Atlanta DogWatch.  We were impressed with not only the quality of the installation, but the equipment itself.  Instead of having a “circuit board” installed where, as the homeowner we could not make any adjustments (increase/decrease the settings to the collar or fence line), with the DogWatch system we can do both without having to pay anyone to come out to do it, as was the case with the Pet Stop system. Our system was installed indoors, out of the weather, and provides us easy access to adjust the settings of the system.

In addition, our system comes with a 2 year battery, and is grounded to protect it and our home should there be any electrical surges.  Unfortunately, with our Pet Stop system, our battery lasted about six months and we couldn’t find where the system was grounded, yet did find the electrical plug installed to an outside outlet which was exposed to environmental conditions like rain, snow and even the sprinkler system.

We really appreciate you working with us and making this happen.  Please feel free to give our name to future customers as a reference for you.  We are extremely happy with our switch to DogWatch and look forward to enjoying the benefits of your products and service for years to come.

Todd Godwin – Marietta, GA