Dear Dog Lover,

We wanted to take a moment to tell you how extremely happy and confident we have been with our DogWatch Hidden Fence. We had our fence installed in 1996 when we moved to Alpharetta. Three-fourths of our almost 2 acre lot was originally fenced in. A few years later, we had DogWatch come and extend the fence to include the rest of our property. We recently moved to another Alpharetta home and we were delighted that we were able to take the system with us. The commitment to service and flexibility was so evident in both these situations.

We have had two very energetic Boxers in two different homes, both of these dogs have been kept safe and secure within the hidden fencing provided by DogWatch. My current boxer is so well trained to the white flags that when we go to the park and she walks near a white flag, she stays the exact distance from it that she did when she was trained in the yard! Because of our busy lifestyles, we have left our dogs in the yard countless times knowing they would not run out into the street and get hurt or lost. The freedom this gives to our pets and to owners is undeniable.

We want to thank everyone at Atlanta Hidden Fence for being so customer service minded and eager to help us over the many years keep our dogs safe in our yard. Thank you and please feel free to share this with anyone considering a DogWatch fence system.

Greg & Pam Fegan – Alpharetta, GA