How Technology Has Improved the Lives of Dogs

Advancements in technology have made life easier and more convenient for people in several ways, but we’re not the only ones who benefit from these improvements. Dog’s lives have also become safer, happier, and more comfortable thanks to technological advancements in pet care. The bond between dogs and their owners is an important one, and technology is creating more ways to strengthen it while also improving the quality of life for dogs in many ways. Find out more about how technological advancements are helping to ensure that dogs can live long, healthy and happy lives.

Playtime for Pets

Dogs need to be able to play on a regular basis to avoid boredom, stimulate their minds, and keep them physically active. Playing with your dog also helps you form a closer connection. If you’re away at work all day, this can be difficult to do, but PlayDate aims to solve that problem. PlayDate came up with a ball that you can move around via remote control, which gives you a chance to keep your pet busy while you’re not physically at home.

All you need is a bit of free time during your workday, and you can make sure that your dog stays entertained when you can’t be home. The smart ball is ideal if you don’t have multiple pets at home that can play together or if you don’t hire a dog walker to stop by during the day. Instead, you have a convenient way to get your dog up and moving when they’re home alone.

Wearables for Pet Health

Using wearable technology, such as FitBit, provides you with a lot of important information about your health. Now, your dog can benefit from this type of technology as well. FitBark and other wearable products for pets offer their owners an opportunity to routinely collect information on their dog’s physical condition. Using this type of technology can provide you with data on your pet’s diet and the amount of activity they’re getting throughout the day.
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Having this type of information means you will more easily recognize problems with your dog’s health or behavior. You can also share this information with your vet to ensure that your dog is living a healthy life. For example, your vet might recommend healthier dietary changes or provide you with advice on exercises for your dog to do after going over the information that wearable technology has collected.


Tracking for Improved Safety

No matter how vigilant you are or how many precautions you take, some dogs excel at being escape artists. Whether you have a dog that manages to get out of the house or one that digs an escape from your yard, you know how upsetting it can be to have your pet go missing. Pet tracking devices provide you with some peace of mind by letting you know where your dog is located at all times.

The company Whistle makes a waterproof tracking device that you can attach to your dog’s collar. This device helps ensure that you’re able to keep track of where your dog is at all times. If your dog wanders away from your designated “home” area, you can get an alert right away. You can even keep track of how active your dog is throughout the day thanks to the tracking device’s accelerometer technology. Instead of having to worry about your dog’s whereabouts, this handy device makes it easy to notice any escapes immediately.

Hidden Pet Fences for Peace of Mind

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When you don’t have a fenced-in yard, it’s all too easy for your dog to run off your property, which puts your pet at risk of getting injured or lost. Hidden fences provide an effective way to ensure that your dog stays in your yard and doesn’t stray off.

The SmartFence™ by DogWatch® is an industry-leading product when it comes to this type of technology. The greatest advantage of this innovation is the ability to constantly and instantly know the full status of your DogWatch hidden fence. As the first fully “online” hidden fence, SmartFence instantly alerts you to any changes that occur within the system. From wire breaks in the boundary line to the status of your pet’s collar-battery, the SmartFence keeps you fully informed.

The SmartFence™ also offers the ability to track your dog’s activity while you are away from home, and through its web app you can conveniently receive graphics and information to your smart device. The SmartFence™ is unlike other hidden pet fences, as it includes the patented SafeLink™ FM technology, and the longest collar-battery life in the entire industry to provide the best performance available. Dog owners who have multiple dogs enjoy the ability to create individual pet profiles so they can monitor all their dogs’ activities from a single visual source. You can choose between text and/or email notifications and are able to easily analyze your pet’s daily, weekly, and monthly activity trends to make sure your dog is behaving normally. Additionally, SmartFence™ lets you add additional contacts such as pet sitters, dog walkers, or family members and you can choose which alerts they receive via text message or email.

SmartFence™ underground fence system

Other notable features of the DogWatch SmartFence™ system include:

  • Lightning protection to prevent external power surges from entering your home.
  • TattleTale™ to inform you if your dog is attempting to escape your yard.
  • Up to 2-Year battery life on the receiver-collar.
  • PowerPak to provide backup power to your hidden fence system if your electricity goes out.
  • A customizable training program to ensure that you know how to properly and correctly use your DogWatch hidden fence.

Hidden fences give you peace of mind that your dog won’t end up getting lost or being hurt and having a DogWatch SmartFence™ allows you to stay connected to your pet wherever you are! When you have this type of technology installed on your property, your dog can roam around and burn off energy without being in any danger of taking off. Whether you live in a heavily populated area near busy roads or out in the country with woods and wild animals nearby, you can rest assured that your dog won’t wander off and get into trouble. With the Dogwatch SmartFence™, you can easily track what your dog is doing and ensure that he/she is safe at home.

If you are looking for a better way to keep your pet safe and you are in the Atlanta or Athens, GA area, contact Atlanta DogWatch for more information about the new SmartFence system technology. Call 770-753-2662 today!