Beagle Sammy

Sammy (Beagle)

Invisible Fence Trade-In

Dear DogWatch,

In the process of evaluating various containment options for our dog Sammy, we had vendors such as Invisible Fence® and DogWatch® give us quotes. To make our decision we considered factors such as performance and maintenance costs. At the end of our evaluation process, we selected DogWatch for two primary reasons;

1) DogWatch uses an FM frequency vs. AM frequency. In our previous home we had purchased an Invisible Fence® solution. Due to the fact that Invisible Fence® uses an AM frequency our dogs were (arbitrarily) shocked on several situations while in our home, as appliances such as television remotes emit AM frequencies.

2) The DogWatch battery life is 2 years vs. 3 months for Invisible Fence®’s batteries. Not only is this cheaper, but it is also more environmentally friendly.

We are sure that our Beagle Sammy will be very happy with his DogWatch Fence.


The Hazelrig Family – Alpharetta, GA