lab boxer mix rose fronheiser

Rose Labrador (Boxer Mix)

To Whom It May Concern:
The sales person who arrived to provide an estimate & information regarding the hidden fence was very knowledgeable, professional, well-prepared and personable. She was prepared to answer every question that I had.   Although this system was priced higher than the competitor’s AM radio system, the references that were provided by DogWatch backing her statements that the FM system is a better product supported her claims.  Whereas, the AM radio fence salesperson wanted me to believe that the FM system and AM system were equivalent — but did not provide any supporting documentation.
I chose the FM radio fence and had it installed on my property.  The installer was very professional and helpful.  Once he was finished with his task about an hour later the dog trainer arrived.  She was very nice, knew her DogWatch training and helped my dogs get off to a good start.  I would use this company again.
W. Michelle Fronheiser – Dacula, GA