Remote Trainer


The BigLeash® Remote Trainer is truly BIG. This virtual leash has a range of up to 1/2 mile.

Every BigLeash® comes with a built-in two-dog capability. You can easily train two dogs at the same time using the same hand held transmitter. And because your dogs may have different training needs (and personalities), you can store separate settings for each pet.

The unique LCD display keeps you fully informed and safely connected with your dog. You will know; if your dog is moving out of range, if the signal is being transmitted and received, your correction level setting, and if either your transmitter or your collar battery needs to be recharged.

The product includes all the BigLeash® “Basic” features, PLUS the ability to choose between an audible signal or a vibration signal. You choose which training mode you want to use . . . because every dog is different.

The BigLeash® hand-held Transmitter comes in BLACK only, and includes 1 Receiver-Collar with an adjustable-length BLACK plastic strap (as shown)…

NOTE: The BigLeash® Remote Trainer is NOT compatible with the DogWatch R7, R7 Mini, R8, or R9 Receiver-Collars


Purchase includes a 2 YEAR Warranty on the Remote, and a 1 YEAR Warranty on the Rechargeable Battery