R7 Mini
Receiver Kit


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The DogWatch R7 Mini Receiver-Collar weighs 1.1 ounces and is less than 1.25 cubic inches in size. It’s best feature is a LONGER battery life than any other receiver in it’s class – 6 Months. The R7 Mini is best for small dogs (and cats) that are LESS than 15 pounds in size.

The kit includes everything you will need for your pet; 1 battery, 1 standard strap, 2 posts, etc.

*** Includes a LIFETIME WARRANTY on the Receiver ***
(No warranty on the Strap)
Strap Color

Black, Red

Strap Size

Mini (6" – 9"), X-Small (8" – 11"), Small (10" – 13")

Contact Post Length

Short, Medium