How To Prepare Your Dog For The Fourth Of July

The Fourth of July—America’s favorite holiday. You already have your plans figured out. Maybe you are going on a vacation to the beach, celebrating on the lake, or having your own backyard barbeque here in Atlanta. No matter where you go, there are three things you can count on: fireworks, people, and all of the red, white, and blue attire. It seems like everything is in place, and you are just patiently waiting for your day off work. But, have you thought about your dog? Is he or she ready for the crazy fun holiday?


Why Dog Training is Important

hidden dog fence near meYour dog may be comfortable around you and your family, but chances are he or she gets a little anxious when around others. If you are taking your dog on your vacation or to a community picnic, you will be around many other people and dogs as well. The last thing you want is your dog to freak out and hurt someone. One solution is to leave your dog at home—but who wants to abandon their beloved friend on such a wonderful holiday? The other solution is simple: prepare and train your dog.
The main issue with dogs on the Fourth of July is fireworks. Dogs do not associate the loud noises, smoky smells, and bright flashes in the celebratory fashion we do. Instead, they panic and often run away to try and seek shelter. Training your dog beforehand will reduce this risk.


Tips and Tricks to Prepare for July 4th in Atlanta

If you are nervous about how your dog will react during the local fireworks show, you can leave him or her at home. A small enclosed area, like a crate with their favorite toy will make them feel safer than having the whole house to themselves. However, if you do decide to brave the storm and take your dog with you, here are a few tricks to ensure you have the best time possible.

Invest in training equipment

  • Remote trainers are used to teach your dog certain commands and will correct unwanted behavior. Try using this if your dog gets excited or out of control when around others.
  • No-bark trainers will be useful if you are afraid your dog will bark or howl at the fireworks show. These collars help communicate what is an appropriate level of barking for your dog and will keep other firework viewers happy.
  • Sidewalk leash trainers will teach your dog not to pull on the leash and basically walk you. If you are worried about your dog getting scared and trying to run away, you may want to invest in one of these.
  • Invisible fences are a convenient investment if you plan to stay home to watch fireworks. They will train your dog to stay in a certain area, such as your front or back yard and not to roam farther than the area you choose. Invisible fences are perfect if you don’t want to keep your dog inside but don’t want to risk them running away.

Make sure your dog has the following

  • A collar and name tag so that if they do get lost, someone can contact you.
  • Lots of exercise the day or week before so they will be less irritable after all the walking during the holiday festivities.
  • A regular diet so that their daily routine is as close to normal as possible.
  • No contact with sunscreen, bug repellent, or other chemicals like lighter fluid because these will make them sick.

Practice sound, aroma, or other types of therapy

  • Your vet may be able to suggest certain products that stimulate your dog’s senses making them feel peaceful in stressful situations.

Every Dog is Different

What works for your neighbor’s dog may not work for your furry friend. If you decide to start training, call DogWatch® Hidden Fences, Atlanta’s favorite hidden fence and pet training equipment company.