Can Hidden Pet Fences Be Installed in Winter?

This time of year is cold, wet, and dark, so the last thing you want to be doing is chasing your dog around the neighborhood. Hidden pet fences are a great option for keeping your pet safely contained without the expense and hassle of traditional fencing. And they can be installed all year round!


How Does a Hidden Pet Fence Work?

A DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fence consists of three parts: a radio transmitter, a boundary wire, and a receiver collar. The boundary wire is buried to create an “invisible” enclosure that can be completely customized according to your specifications. When your pet approaches the wire, the receiver collar alerts with mild stimulation. DogWatch® is the only hidden fence company that uses FM radio signals, which protect against collar misfires, signal interruptions, and radio interference.


dogwatch hidden fence system operation


Winter Installation

If you’re ready for a DogWatch® system but the ground is frozen, we simply perform a winter installation. Just like the rest of the year, we install our patented FM radio transmitter in your garage or basement.  Under normal circumstances, the boundary wire would then be discreetly buried. If the ground is frozen, we instead place and secure the line above ground to create an enclosed area in the shape and size of your choice. Then, we’ll mark your preferred boundary with temporary training flags and start the training process as normal. At this point, the system is completely functional, even under snow and ice. As soon as it warms up enough to thaw the ground, we’ll send our certified technicians out to bury the wire underground. We never charge extra for this second visit.


Winter Pet Safety Tips

why choose dogwatch hidden fenceWinter is a great time to install a hidden pet fence, as many dogs love to play outside when it’s cold. But take care to prevent your pets from below-average temperatures. Limit time spent outdoors in freezing weather, and provide an insulated outdoor shelter to keep them warm. Make sure your pet gets plenty of food when the weather is cold, as regulating body heat can burn extra calories. And don’t forget to check that freshwater is always available and unfrozen. Finally, protect your dog’s paws whenever possible, as walking on frozen ground for extended periods can cause frostbite on sensitive pads.

Are you interested in a DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fence this winter? Call today for a free in-yard estimate! We’ll send a technician to discuss your pet containment goals and go over our complete line of products. DogWatch® is the leader in hidden pet fence technology. Call now to see why and schedule a free quote! 770-753-2662

FAQs About Underground Fences in the Winter

If the ground is frozen solid we can still install the hidden fence for you (temporarily) above the ground. After a period of time when the ground thaws we will return to your property to complete the installation, burying the wire underground. There is no extra cost for the return visit. In the southern US states frozen ground seldom occurs and when it does, it typically only lasts a few days.

Yes! DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fences work in all weather conditions, as long as there is power to the transmitter. Worried about losing power? Ask about our auxiliary power supply, the DogWatch PowerPak!