Golden Retriever Molly Murphy

Molly (Golden Retriever)

Invisible Fence Trade-In

Dear Dog Lovers,

We had been Invisible Fence customers for many years, never having issues with their system…until we brought Molly home, our energetic, loving, and very intelligent Golden Retriever pup. Molly badly wanted to play with the dog that lived across our street and would stare longingly at his yard each day, waiting for him to make an appearance. Every time the dog came outside Molly would break through our Invisible Fence to join her new friend, with no ill affect to her whatsoever.

Interestingly (we noticed), Molly’s new friend would NEVER leave his yard to come over to play with her. As it turns out, we learned he was being successfully yard-contained with a DogWatch Hidden Fence system. Completely flummoxed about how to keep Molly in our yard, I investigated DogWatch a bit further. I learned from two of my neighbors who have DogWatch that they guarantee pet containment with their system, and that they do not charge their customers to come back after the Hidden Fence is installed to work with a dog that is challenging the yard boundary (like Molly)…

Earlier when I had contacted Invisible Fence to ask for help with Molly they told me I was going to be charged for a trainer to come out to work with her. At the same time I was highly encouraged to upgrade Molly’s collar-receiver (at NO small cost). Plus, their was no guarantee this would work for us, leaving me to call Invisible Fence back out again in the future to pay yet another training fee!

It has now been 5 weeks since we had DogWatch install their system and work with Molly…once. Due to the effectiveness of their Hidden Fence system and approach to dog training, only one training session was required for her. Their training collar did what it was designed to do and thanks to the DogWatch “Fast React” feature, Molly can’t run fast enough to avoid getting a correction when she tries to leave the yard. Since she figured this out she now respects her yard boundaries and has not yet tried to leave the yard again.

I feel a great deal of relief knowing my dog can be outside and is safe from wandering, getting lost or getting hit by a car. I would highly recommend DogWatch to anyone shopping for a Hidden Fence system.


Sharon Murphy – Alpharetta, GA