Marietta Hidden Dog Fences

Marietta Hidden Dog Fences
Is your dog an escape artist? Are the puppies digging up your flower beds? Don’t keep them locked inside all day! With DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fences, you can avoid the expense and hassle of traditional fencing. Invisible dog fences keep your pets safely contained while keeping your yard beautiful and HOA compliant. Learn more about our Marietta invisible fences below!
What is the Best Invisible Dog Fence in Marietta?
As a dog owner, you have several options for your hidden fence company. However, most products do not even come close to comparing to DogWatch® Hidden Fences. Equipped with the latest technology, our hidden fences can:

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  • Contain outdoor areas of up to 200 acres
  • Create “off-limits” areas such as pools, kids play areas, gardens and more
  • Create a customized solution based on your dog’s breed, size, age or temperament
  • Work with multiple dogs and even cats!
  • Send notifications of pet activity straight to your phone with our SmartFence® technology
Our owners have several dogs themselves, so we understand each pet has its own personality. A standard invisible pet fence will not work for every dog. This is why we made an effort to sell hidden fences that work for both small, large, sweet and stubborn animals.

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A customer favorite is our SmartFence® system, which allows you to add multiple pet profiles to your account and monitor each of your pet’s daily, weekly, and monthly activity. By ensuring your pets are safe, you will also receive a notification if your boundary wire becomes disconnected or your battery is low. No other Marietta invisible dog fence offers this type of customization!
How the Hidden Pet Fence Installation Process Works
Our highly trained technicians will schedule a time that’s convenient for you to meet at your home. We’ll determine your pet containment goals, and based on your property layout, we’ll provide an individualized plan for keeping your pets safe & secure.

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On installation day, a hidden boundary wire is discreetly buried in your yard, and a signal transmitter is strategically placed out of sight. Whether it’s a basic perimeter loop, or custom configuration designed to keep your pets out of important areas, we’ll set it up and test it, and provide ongoing support for any questions or problems you have in the future.

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