3 Ways to Make Your Yard Pet-Friendly This Summer

Keeping your yard safe for your pet


With the blooming season in full swing and beautiful green scenery everywhere, now is the perfect time to make your yard Summer-ready. There are many things to consider when you have an outdoor pet. If you like to garden, you need to be aware of plants that aren’t pet-friendly. For those who like a thriving lawn, there are organic fertilizer options that will keep both your yard and pet healthy and happy. Jump into Summer prepared with these tips!


Flowers to Plant

Safe plants for petsWhile training your pet, you know that they like to chew up just about anything. Ruined flowers aren’t the goal, but it’s good to make sure that what you’re planting won’t hurt your four-legged friend. These flowers are safe to ingest and bloom during the summer: sunflowers, petunias, and celosia. Some beautiful yet poisonous plants that you should avoid are carnations, dahlias, and peonies. If you’re mapping out your planting calendar for the month and aren’t sure about some flowers, it’s always good to research before buying!


The Best Lawn Fertilizer to Use

If you’re wanting the perfect lawn this summer, you’re going to need some effective fertilizer. A lot of top-rated name-brands out there use chemicals that are not good for a curious pet. You may consider trying these alternative fertilizer options:

  • Grass Clippings
  • Organic Fertilizer
  • Potash

If you do decide to go the name-brand route, be sure to always read the labels and check the warnings of whatever fertilizer you use, and follow the instructions closely.


What Happens if the Fertilizer Gets Ingested?

hidden dog fenceMost of the time, your pet will be just fine if it eats grass that you’ve applied fertilizer to. However, if your furry friend gets to the source and eats directly from the bag, you could be in trouble. If the ingested fertilizer contains iron and/or insecticides, be sure to look for signs of poisoning before contacting your local vet. These can include: drooling, vomiting, diarrhea, difficulty breathing, and seizures.


Keep Your Lawn Looking Beautiful & Your Pet Healthy This Summer!

Now you can rest easy knowing that what you do to your yard isn’t hurting your pet. Let the world see your beautiful lawn and flowers! Don’t hide everything behind a barrier for your outdoor pet. DogWatch® Hidden Fences has the perfect solution for your home. Keep your pet safe while showcasing the yard that you put so much work into.