How Do Invisible Pet Fences Work?

Some dogs just love to wander. And while we love a good walk around the neighborhood ourselves, we never want our pets to roam too far from home. Hidden or “invisible” dog fences are one of the best solutions for keeping pets safe and contained. After all, they don’t require expensive construction, they’re basically maintenance free, and they’re one of the most effective, and most aesthetically pleasing options available. With modern technology, hidden pet fences are the ideal solution for most pet families. But how do they work?


What is a Hidden Pet Fence?

A hidden pet fence is a system with three primary parts:

  1.   A receiver-collar worn by the pet.
  2.   An underground wire outlining the yard boundary.
  3.   A radio signal transmitter connected to the wire.
yard-configuration option1

A hidden pet fence is not an electric fence. The underground wire installed by DogWatch® is not electrified but instead distributes a wireless FM radio signal around your entire yard. Today’s radio signals are processed using Digital Modulation (DM), which means all hidden or “invisible” fences use DM technology. But some “invisible” fence companies rely on AM signals, which aren’t as secure as FM signals. DogWatch® is the only hidden fence company that uses FM radio signals, which protect against collar misfires, signal interruptions, and radio interference.


How Hidden Pet Fences are Installed

install hidden pet fenceSpecially trained DogWatch® technicians schedule a time that’s convenient to meet at your home. We help determine your ideal pet containment goals, like whether you’re looking to keep your pets contained to the front and/or back yard, or just out of specific areas. We then provide a customized plan designed to keep your pets secure based on your specific property layout.
When it’s time to install the fence, the non-electrified boundary wire is discreetly buried in your yard, and a signal transmitter is strategically placed out of sight, most commonly in a garage or basement. Whether it’s a basic perimeter loop, or a custom configuration designed to keep your pets out of play areas and garden beds, we’ll set it up and test it out.


How the Hidden Pet Fence Work

When your pet (or pets) gets too close to the hidden boundary wire, the receiver collar interprets the radio signal and alerts the pet with a mild stimulation. Pets quickly determine where they’re allowed to safely explore, keeping them securely contained with no visible fencing to obscure your beautiful home and landscaping. It’s such a safe and effective fencing solution that DogWatch® Hidden Fence pet containment systems are owned and recommended by veterinarians, pet professionals and pet trainers from all around the world.

At DogWatch®, we’re fully committed to the safety of your pets. From the initial consultation to installation and follow-up, plus ongoing support, we’re here to help through every step of the process. Learn more about DogWatch® hidden pet fences today by speaking to one of our representatives! 770-753-2662

Frequently Asked Questions About Hidden Pet Fences

Yes. For the underground wire to operate, it must be in a closed loop. Ask us about our customizable installation configurations today! 770-753-2662
DogWatch® provides convenience and functionality by burying our hidden pet fence wires underground to avoid trip hazards and to keep your yard open and looking beautiful!.