Holly Springs Hidden Dog Fences

Is your dog an escape artist? Are your pets getting into things they shouldn’t? With DogWatch® Hidden Pet Fences, you can avoid the hassle of traditional fencing while still keeping your furry friend safe and out of trouble. Invisible dog fences provide a safe and attractive solution to your pet wandering the neighborhood. Find out more about our Holly Springs hidden fences below!

What is the Best Hidden Dog Fence in Holly Springs?

The newest innovation on the market is our premium SmartFence system. Using the SmartFence WebApp, you can keep an eye on your pets while you’re away by building individual pet profiles, tracking each pet’s activity, and ensuring their safety. If the boundary wire is cut, the collar-battery needs replacing, or the power goes out, you’ll be immediately alerted on your smartphone. DogWatch® is Holly Springs’ best “invisible” pet fence business that provides this degree of customization to help keep your pets safe!

How Hidden Pet Fences & The Installation Process Work

Our experts will visit your home at a time that is convenient for you to discuss your pet’s fence. We’ll figure out how many pets you have and according to your property layout, we’ll provide a unique strategy for keeping them confined. On installation day, a boundary wire will be buried in the ground and the system transmitter will be placed in a location that is easy to access while remaining out of sight. We’ll set up and test it, and give ongoing support for any questions or issues you have in the future, whether it’s a basic perimeter loop or a customized design that keeps your pets out of critical areas.

What are the benefits of a Holly Springs hidden pet fence?

An invisible pet fence gives you the freedom to design your yard exactly how you want while still keeping your beloved pets safe. With a DogWatch® hidden fence, there are no unsightly posts or hardware to detract from the beauty of your home. Discreet and durable, our fences are built to last with virtually no maintenance required. Unlike traditional pet fences, an underground dog fence provides constant containment that can’t be breached by digging or climbing. And because it’s hidden, there are no visual barriers for your dog to associate with their confinement, so they’re less likely to develop negative behaviors like chewing or pawing at the fence. If you’re looking for a pet fence that is both effective and attractive, look no further than DogWatch®!

Schedule Your Holly Springs Hidden Pet Fence Installation

Don’t waste any more time searching for your beloved pet. You can keep them safe and secure while still enjoying the beauty of your yard with DogWatch®’s Hidden Pet Fences. Skip the conventional bulky, above ground fencing and contact DogWatch® at (470) 795-1850 today!

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