Does a Hidden Fence Bring Resale Value to Your Home?

A primary concern for many homeowners in making any upgrade to their house is whether or not the update will add value to the property, enabling them to sell it at a higher market cost than before. Is an invisible fence a good return on investment as far as upgrades go?

The truth is, just about any fencing can add value to your home whether it’s visible or invisible, but the value added by an invisible fence is less objective than a physical fence. Let’s explore how a hidden fence and property value are related, and how installing a DogWatch fence can improve your resale value and boost the market price of your home.

Underground Pet Fence


Why Fencing Adds Value to a Home

Fences add value to homes for a variety of reasons. The first is their appearance—this is not an issue that comes up with hidden fences, which are invisible. Traditional fences can look nice, and give a home a “finished” feel, and provide privacy from prying eyes and intruders.

On the other hand, just as important to appearance to home value is safety, and a hidden pet fence provides a great deal of safety in terms of your animals. They are in many ways more effective in keeping pets fenced in than traditional fences as the invisible fence cannot be dug under or climbed over.


The Hidden Fence and Property Value

DogWatch® Hidden FenceA DogWatch hidden fence and property value, obviously, aren’t inter-related in terms of appearance or privacy, but when it comes down to issues of aesthetics, beauty is in the eye of the beholder. That’s the problem with fencing—one buyer might value it very highly and another might hate it, thinking it closes them off from the world.

For the latter buyers, who also happen to have pets, a hidden fence can be an outstanding addition. With it pre-installed it saves them the trouble of having to get it done, and it also leaves their yard open so that their home looks welcoming and beautiful to passers-by. For such users, there can be a great deal of value in the hidden fence.


Should You Ask for More?

When you install your invisible fence, you’re perfectly within your rights to advertise it as an amenity in the home and increase your home value somewhat for having it there. Your realtor will best advise you on how much you can ask for, but you should also be prepared to negotiate the value with buyers.

In the end, while a hidden fence and property value can be intertwined, it’s not always the case and your primary goal when installing a DogWatch fence should always be the safety of your pets. Your electric fence will be able to protect your pets from the harm and dangers they could encounter from roaming, and do it safely and without creating a physical barrier against the world.

If you’d like more information on how a DogWatch services can help protect your pet, give us a call or request a quick quote.  One of our customer service representatives can help you find a dealer in your area today!