The Ultimate Guide on Invisible Dog Fences

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If you are looking for the best indoor or outdoor boundary for your pet which suits all your practical, safety and aesthetic requirements, then a DogWatch® hidden fence can offer you the ideal solution. We know that a dog is more than just a pet – they’re a member of your family. Therefore it’s a high priority to keep them safe while allowing them to freely play and explore the great outdoors. Since 1990, DogWatch® hidden pet fences have been providing state-of-the-art solutions for creating boundaries so your pet can freely roam and play. Conventional (above ground) fencing can be chewed through and dug underneath, making it largely ineffective and possibly dangerous. When this happens to you a DogWatch® invisible fence could be the perfect choice for you and your dog.


What Are Invisible Dog Fences?

For pet owners who don’t want to sacrifice the beauty and openness of their yard but still want a boundary for their four-legged friends, an invisible dog fence is the answer. These hidden boundaries will keep pets safe within a defined roaming area that is installed underground and connected to a receiver-collar that your pet wears. The interaction of these components alerts your pet when the get too close to the defined boundary. There is nothing you have to maintain with a hidden pet fence, unlike a bulky and expensive above ground fence.


How Do Hidden Pet Fences Work?

A DogWatch® hidden pet fence operates using a patented FM radio signal that is transmitted through an underground boundary wire. Since there is no visible boundary associated with a hidden pet fence the flawless landscape within your personal outdoor space can continue to shine. The receiver-collar your pet wears receives a radio signal transmitted from the underground wire and alerts them when they get too close to the defined boundary. If your pet moves forward beyond the alert they then receive a mild stimulation. It’s important to differentiate between an invisible fence and other electrified fences. Hidden pet fences doe NOT operate with any form of electrical current. The wire that defines the boundary is not “electrified” like with a traditional livestock fence. Rather, the DogWatch® hidden fence applies a patented FM radio signal which is the safest in the entire industry.

DogWatch® Hidden Fence systems operation


Should You Worry About Your Hidden Fence Attracting Lightning?

A common concern of the signal-based invisible fencing offered by DogWatch® is its effectiveness during a lightning storm. If your question is whether it will continue to work if your pet runs and hides during such a storm, then the answer is yes. The fence will keep operating without fail as the DogWatch® boundary system is fitted with both an internal and external surge protector. These can be found in the hidden pet fence’s transmitter.

In order to guarantee complete safety, DogWatch®’s External Lightning Protection is not only recommended but absolutely necessary. When lightning strikes the ground, the copper wire underground which forms the boundary system of your DogWatch® hidden fence will conduct the electricity back towards your home. The External Lightning Protector channels that power back into the ground, preventing it from reaching the electrical system in your home and becoming dangerous.
Not only will your pets be prevented from surpassing the boundary, but the system remains completely safe. If your house loses power during a lightning storm or otherwise, then the DogWatch® invisible fence is built to accommodate this and will supply an additional eight hours of battery power so you don’t have to worry about your pet during an electrical outage.


Will The Invisible Fence Collar Hurt My Pet?

The invisible pet fence receiver collar is a type of correction that has been used in pet training for over 40 years, which is why DogWatch® uses this proven technology. The receiver collar will not hurt your pet in any way. All DogWatch® collars are made specifically with your dog in mind, which is why they offer the flexibility to be adjusted to suit your needs.
Did you know? DogWatch® products are consistently used and recommended by veterinarians across the nation! You can’t find that level of trust with just any hidden pet fence provider.


Do Invisible Fences Work for Cats?

All of our products are made with your pets in mind – dogs and cats alike! That is why DogWatch®’s R7 receiver collar weighs only 1.1 ounces (including the battery), which makes them perfect for feline friends. The boundary line works with whichever collars are tuned in to it, so you can have multiple pets kept safe and secure within the same boundary. There is also an option to create smaller off-limit areas within the same DogWatch® pet fence, meaning that if you want to keep your pets away from specific flower beds or the pool, that’s entirely doable!


How are Hidden Pet Fences Installed?

A DogWatch® representative will meet with you at your home to discuss the best containment options for you and your pets. Once the area has been decided, a wire is buried in the ground along the boundary line and then an FM Radio transmitter is installed in an appropriate location (e.g. garage, basement, etc). DogWatch® includes both internal and external Lightning Protection to ensure maximum safety for both the inside and outside of your home, something which is not included with other hidden pet fence brands.
Common boundary configurations include:

  • Basic Perimeter Loop – The wire is installed along the entire property boundary to give your pet the maximum space to roam and play.
  • Hour Glass – The wire comes in, “pinching” the property at either side and creating a division between front and back yard. This allows you to control when your pet is allowed out the front, or out the back and you can effectively manage where they are at any given time.
  • Backyard Only – The wire is installed close to the front side of your building in order to prevent your pet from escaping through the front of the property. Similarly, this can also be restricted to just front yard access.


Getting Your Pet Familiar with the Hidden Boundary

training your dog to use atlanta hidden dog fences

Even after installation, you will continue to receive support and guidance from the DogWatch® team to ensure that you and your pet are confident with the new boundary. At the initial conclusion of your hidden fence installation, a trainer will come to your home to share their knowledge and experience while demonstrating to you how to train your pet to the new in-yard boundary.

Within a predetermined distance from the hidden fence, your dog will receive a warning sound indicating they’re getting too close to the boundary. If they continue to move past this point, a mild correction will be emitted via the FM Radio signal. We are confident that our multi-faceted training program will leave you feeling confident that the DogWatch® pet fence is the safest solution for your pet.


Indoor and Outdoor Pet Fences

Not only can a DogWatch® hidden fence give you peace of mind when your pet is outside the home, but our innovative technology can also be used indoors to keep your pet inside preferred areas and away from areas that are off-limits. Are there particular items of furniture you would prefer your dog or cat to not interfere with? DogWatch® hidden boundary systems can give you and your pet the freedom to enjoy your home to the fullest, without the need for unsightly barricades and gates. All DogWatch® hidden fence systems operate with the same receiver collar your pet wears. Installing an indoor barrier is a simple case of placing a transmitter inside an area within your home for an immediate hidden fence.

Atlanta Hidden Dog Fence


What Kind of Invisible Dog Fence is The Best?

One of the key things you are getting when you choose a DogWatch® hidden fence is quality workmanship. With over 25 years of experience installing hidden fences across North Georgia, one of the most important things we’ve learned is to get the job right the first time, every time. As a company, we have set the standard in quality hidden fence installation and skilled workmanship, which is why we have received so many positive customer testimonials. Quality is what we offer and one of the many advantages you can enjoy with a DogWatch® invisible pet fence.


Differences among Hidden Fence Providers

For us, this begins with personnel. Every member of the DogWatch® installation team is thoroughly trained in hidden pet fence installation. We don’t hire short term laborers as many other installation companies do – for us, skill is vital to providing a quality fencing solution. Because we have either learned or invented the techniques for building and installing our fences, proper installation must be carried out by a trained professional. We value installing every hidden fence as if it were for our own pets so you can feel confident that when you purchase a DogWatch® hidden fence, you are putting your pets’ safety and freedom first.


Hidden Pet Fence Quality Installation

Hidden fence wire is always permanently installed by us, which means that it’s unlikely an overzealous landscaper will accidentally cut your wire. Whether it’s to a fence or along a lawn or a driveway, our customers never have to worry about taking care when gardening or cutting the grass when they have installed a DogWatch® invisible pet fence. The quality of our fencing solutions means that they are built and installed to last and will stand up to adverse weather conditions when necessary.


Receiver Collar Battery Life

In comparison to other companies, the battery-life of our DogWatch® receiver collars is 8 times longer than other brands. One of our most popular collars, the R9 (perfect for medium toDogwatch Hidden Fence Atlanta Remote Collar Battery Comparison large dogs) lasts an incredible 2 years! That amounts to approximately 5 batteries over a 10-year period, whereas other receiver dog collars would use almost 40.

There are a variety of strap colors and sizes so there’s sure to be one that suits your pet. Not only that, but DogWatch® receiver collars will also learn with your pet. The correction level will be automatically adjusted with the Exclusive-Patented AutoMemory safety feature. The collar is designed to react for a dog running at 15mph speeds, which would allow your dog to escape other, lesser-quality hidden fence systems.


Advanced Hidden Pet Fence Technology

As technology advances, so do we here at DogWatch®. The SmartFenceTM system combines the FM Radio technology and the award-winning features this includes with new, mobile technology. Manage your DogWatch® fence on the go and keep track of your pet from your phone to make keeping them safe and happy even easier for you.


The DogWatch® Difference

Each new hidden pet fence installation receives an inspection upon completion and, if anything does not meet the required standard, it will be resolved then and there. This attention to detail is why we almost never get called back to resolve issues with our hidden fences. Although other companies have attempted to match us in terms of quality, we would encourage you to read our customer testimonials and research our company to see for yourself that a DogWatch® fence is a fence for you and your family, for life.