DogWatch® - The “Greenest” Hidden Fence in the Business

Give your dog the best, while preserving his outdoor environment

Your dog loves to be outdoors. That’s why our hidden fence aims to give him the freedom to play outside even when you don’t have time. That’s also why we are dedicated to creating the most environmentally friendly dog fences, preserving your pet’s favorite playground.

Improved-Efficiency Power Supply

Aimed to lower energy waste and increase environmental preservation, we are constantly reassessing how our products can be more energy efficient and environmentally friendly. In October 2008 DogWatch® found a solution: the most efficient power supply. Our new 24-volt switching power supply not only saves you money, but protects the environment from unnecessary damage.

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Weighing only 4.8 ounces, our unique power supply has a regulated 24-volt output that does not fluctuate depending on your line voltage. What does this mean for your hidden fence system? Our unique system incorporates both input and output power protection so that in the case of a sudden short circuit or power overload your power supply will automatically adjust accordingly.
light bulb

Lowest Power Usage in the Industry

What’s the best part about our newest power supply? It uses LESS energy! From a small backyard to a 200-acre farm, your DogWatch® transmitter operates using only 9 Watts of electric power – roughly the same energy consumption as a nightlight!

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Not only does this meet the Environmental Protection Agency’s Energy Star standards, but it makes DogWatch® the Low Power Industry Leader! Additionally, in compliance with both the California Energy Commission and U.S. Department of Energy requirements, you can trust that our hidden fence system is the perfect option for your pet.
energy efficient

Longer Battery Life Means Less Battery Waste

Are you tired of constantly changing batteries? So were we! That’s why we created the most efficient, highest-quality system to save you money and time. With a battery life 8 times longer than other leading brands, the DogWatch® hidden fence system will keep your dog safe and secure for 10 years with only five batteries!

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With other companies, you’ll dispose of up to 40 batteries over the same 10-year time period. Stop hurting your wallet and the environment, and choose DogWatch®.
10 year battery

RoHS Commitment

A European-based initiative, the Reduction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) initiative focuses on lowering the amount of lead and other harmful metals in consumer electronics. Our company takes pride in the fact that all of our products are 100% lead-free and fully compliant with the RoHS initiative. Trust the experts at DogWatch® to provide you and your pet with only the safest, most effective training technology.

RoHS Lead Free

Ready to Install an Eco-Friendly Pet Fence?

Are you ready to make the switch to an eco-friendly and green hidden fence? Learn more about our Atlanta hidden fence trade-in program, perfect for dog owners who have tried other hidden pet fences before.

Green Hidden Fences

Discover why DogWatch is the #1 hidden dog fence solution in the industry. In addition to pet safety and sustainability, we believe in providing resources to dog owners to help ease the dog training process: