FM Radio Signal

Why FM Radio Signal Is Better and Safer than AM Signals

As pet owners, our primary concern is the safety and well-being of our beloved dogs. This concern becomes particularly important when we consider the world of pet containment systems, where the choice of technology can have a significant impact on the effectiveness and safety of the solution we choose. In this context, the debate between FM and AM radio signals is not just a technical one, but a matter of ensuring the utmost safety for our pets. DogWatch Atlanta electric fencing utilizes an FM radio signal, setting them apart as the clear leader in pet containment solutions.  Their solution offers advantages that far surpass those of other, out-dated AM radio signal-based systems. 

DogWatch’s commitment is not merely about keeping pets within boundaries; it’s about delivering it in the safest, most reliable way possible. This article explores why FM radio signals, as leveraged by DogWatch, are superior to AM radio signals. The focus will be on the precision, security, and overall reliability that FM radio signals bring to the table, making them the preferred choice for pet owners seeking the safest dog wireless fence solution.

Clarity and Security of Signal

The key to a successful dog fence is a clear and consistent boundary signal. FM radio signals are inherently cleaner and more precise than AM signals. This difference is akin to the experience of listening to FM vs. AM radio stations, where FM stations typically have no static, providing a clearer listening experience. This clarity is not just about a better audio experience but translates into a more precise and dependable boundary signal when paired with DogWatch’s hidden pet fence. The FM dog fence benefits from this clear signal, ensuring that the boundary it sets for your pet is well-defined and free from signal distortions that could lead to uncertainty or inconsistent boundary enforcement.

Resistance to Interference

One of the primary advantages of FM radio signals in electronic dog fences is their resistance to interference. While traveling in a car, you may have noticed that FM radio stations remain clear under bridges or tunnels, whereas AM stations often phase in and out under the same conditions. This characteristic is crucial for an FM dog fence. It ensures that the signal transmitted to the dog’s collar remains stable and uninterrupted, reducing the risk of false activations or boundary breaches. Atlanta Dogwatch Hidden Fence uses a patented FM radio signal technology to maintain a clear and interference-free zone for your pet.

FM digital modulation

The FM Dog Fence: A Reliable Choice

When it comes to choosing the safest pet wireless fence, reliability is a key factor. FM signals, by virtue of their precision and clarity, contribute to a more reliable containment solution in general. DogWatch’s Hidden Fence brand uses a digital FM SafeLink® technology. This patented technology is less prone to interference from other-ambient radio signals, unlike ALL the other systems available on the market.  This feature makes DogWatch the best choice for pet owners.

Longevity and User-Friendliness

In addition to their superior signal quality, DogWatch FM dog fences boast the industry’s longest collar-battery life.  Their collars only require one battery every two years, significantly reducing both cost and environmental impact. DogWatch collar-receivers are also highly user-friendly, offering customizable training settings tailored to individual pet needs.  This allows pet owners to adjust collar settings without incurring extra service fees. With an average operation cost of just over $9 per year, DogWatch hidden fences are not only economical but virtually maintenance-free.

Comprehensive Safety with Atlanta Electric Fencing

For residents in the Atlanta area, opting for an FM-based system like Atlanta Dogwatch Hidden Pet Fence means investing in a technology that has been specifically developed and patented for superior performance. The FM frequency used in these fences ensures a clearer signal and mitigates the risk of interference, which is the underlying cause of false collar activations.

Outdoor Hidden Fence Systems: The Ideal Solution

Outdoor hidden fence systems using FM radio signals offer an effective solution for pet containment. They blend seamlessly into your outdoor environment, providing a safe and invisible boundary for your pets. By harnessing the advantages of FM signals, DogWatch’s Hidden Pet Fence System ensures that your pet’s safety zone is clearly defined and maintained, even in yards that present obstacles and other wire-installation challenges.

The superiority of FM radio signals in pet containment systems cannot be overstated. Their clear, secure, and interference-resistant nature makes FM dog fences the safest dog wireless fence option available. If you’re searching for outdoor hidden fence systems, choosing FM over AM signals is a wise decision for the safety and security of your pet. Dog owners can enjoy peace of mind knowing their beloved companions are well-protected within the boundaries set by DogWatch Hidden Pet Fence systems. Reach out to Atlanta DogWatch to learn more today!