Dr. Craine & Mallie

Dr. Richard Craine DVM & Mallie (Cairn Terrier)

PetSafe Trade-In

To Whom It May Concern:

DogWatch of Metro Atlanta, Inc. installed my new underground pet containment system as a replacement of my current PetSafe system. The decision to upgrade to this improved system hinged on several key factors: My original PetSafe underground wire failed after only two years of use. The underground wire placement was the most difficult part of the installation and I was not looking forward to having to re-rent equipment and dig up my lawn again. Brent and Mike completed the DogWatch installation in record time with minimal disruption to my landscape. The wire insulation with my new system is a commercial grade material and I expect many years of uninterrupted use. The AM radio signal used in the PetSafe system would occasionally “misfire” and we would find our dog hiding under the bed fearing an arbitrary correction. This “misfire” would occur most often inside the house in our kitchen. The FM signal used by DogWatch will completely eliminate inappropriate corrections.

As a Veterinarian, the most common question asked of me is: Is this system cruel to my pet? I answer by first explaining how nice it is for my dog to be able to run free in our yard “Off Leash.” However, I also claim that inappropriate/arbitrary corrections are cruel and I could not tolerate the inconsistency of the PetSafe system. DogWatch has many options that appealed to me. The most important feature was the ability of the system to detect the frequency that my dog challenges the boundary. Their “Auto Correction” feature automatically adjusts the level of correction needed to prevent future challenges. This will prove to keep my dog where she belongs. My dog is quite timid but very social. She did once decide that the PetSafe correction was worth the discomfort when she saw my wife walking up the street. With the DogWatch system in place, I believe she will think more than twice before ever leaving her boundaries.

With the wire underground I have had two past problems with lightning strikes that destroyed the original PetSafe system. DogWatch has a unique featured designed into its system that will circumvent this issue. Although I am relatively new to the advantages of DogWatch I am already confident that we will always find our dog in our yard when we look for her. Thanks to Brent, Mike, and DogWatch.

Dr. Richard Craine, DVM – Snellville, GA
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