Mike Zager & Lilly

Dr. Mike Zager DVM & Lily (Yellow Lab)

To Whom It May Concern:
As a veterinarian, I commonly see dogs that have escaped from their owners and have been hit by cars or otherwise injured in some way. I was looking for a reliable, safe means of containing our dog, Lily, a feisty and stubborn yellow Labrador retriever. I have used other radio systems in the past and was not satisfied with the product as those other systems would not contain my dogs. The DogWatch system has kept Lily contained, safe, and happy for over a year now. I knew it was working well when she chased a squirrel to the boundary and stopped!
The personnel at DogWatch have been great to work with. They have answered all of my questions and concerns. Service has been prompt and courteous. Thanks to this system, Lily is able to run free in our property in the North Georgia Mountains and I can leave home feeling confident that she will be there when I get back. I recommend this service to anyone who is looking for a reliable dog containment system.
Michael J. Zager, DVM – Blue Ridge, GA
Ocoee Animal Hospital