Happy Customer of atlanta hidden dog fence | Dr Hart

Dr. Mike Hart DVM & Flint (English Pointer)

Dear prospective DogWatch customer:

You are likely reading this because you have a dog and you want to allow it unsupervised access to the great outdoors. However, while doing so, you want your dog to remain safe and secure. We recently acquired an extremely high-energy English Pointer (aka Flint). I had tried a hidden fence in the past with our previous dog; I had purchased this fence at a local department store and installed it myself. I quickly came to realize that I had wasted both time and money as the fence did not work well at all. When we acquired Flint, we knew that he needed a lot of outdoor access both for his sanity and for ours. We also knew that the fence had to work well to keep him from leaving the yard (we have plenty of temptations to entice his leaving the yard to include deer, woods, people, other pets, and the like). After, doing some research, it appeared that DogWatch was a quality product with a proven track record. However, would it be a match for Flint?

I contacted the DogWatch professionals and was impressed with what I heard. Thus, we decided to give it a try. The installation was fast, efficient, and professional. Even better, the product has truly been amazing, and I really mean amazing. Flint has never left the yard. He quickly learned the system. My confidence soared when I watched deer pass just beyond Flint’s perimeter and Flint refused to leave the yard. If Flint could say so himself, I believe that he would give DogWatch two paws up.

In addition to the hidden fence outside, DogWatch has some other fantastic products. For example, we did not want to allow Flint access to the second floor of our house. DogWatch was able to provide a product that simply plugs into an outlet in the house. We placed it on the “landing” of the stair case, and, because it works with the same flag and collar system as the outside system, Flint was immediately, effectively, and safely denied access to our upstairs. Such a device can be placed on your kitchen counter or elsewhere to teach your dog that other areas are off limits as well.

I recommend this product with no reservations. If you are looking for a quality hidden fence product that is a proven performer, you have just found it.

Dr. Mike Hart, DVM
University Veterinarian, Georgia State University
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