Dr Joanne Shaw | Customers of Atlanta Hidden Fence

Dr. Joanne Shaw DVM & Sally (Mix Breed)

Dear DogWatch,

Thank you, thank you, and thank you! We had our DogWatch system installed earlier this year as a “back-up” to the six foot fence already in our back yard. Years ago we had a four foot fence that our dog Sally would jump. When we moved, we installed a six foot fence, but that didn’t stop Sally for long! Sally learned to break the boards of the fence to meet us at the front door if she was accidentally left outside any longer then she wanted to be. When her little brother came along, Sally had a friend to explore with, and by the end of last year she started breaking the fence on a daily basis. If Sally was unsupervised, within three minutes she could break a couple fence boards and start roaming with brother Harry. We were terrified for their safety each time they escaped.

From the moment we called DogWatch, I was impressed with their product, installation, and training. Everything was clearly explained, the installation was painless, and the training was top notch. By the second day, Sally was respecting the boundaries of the fence. It has now been about 9 months and I have zero complaints about DogWatch. When the cable company cut our DogWatch line, the control box in the house immediately alerted us. The cable company repaired the line while they were there and DogWatch has continued to work perfectly.

Thank you, DogWatch, for the peace of mind you have given us. Each time we let the dogs into the backyard, we were hovering at the door or in the yard, fearful we would lose our dogs or they would be injured running loose. DogWatch really saved the day for us. Your hidden fence has been a blessing to our family!

Thank you again,
Dr. Joanne Shaw, DVM – Alpharetta, GA
Alpharetta Animal Hospital