Happy Customer: Dr Bower

Dr. Joanna Bower DVM & Karma, Kismet, Perry (Blood / Coon Hounds)

Dear DogWatch,

Thank you to everyone at Atlanta DogWatch for assisting and installing our hidden fence! We moved to this home in August and installed a 5 foot (above ground) fence to confine our dogs, but needed some help… Our biggest issue was dealing with fence aggression between our Bloodhounds and our neighbors’ Standard Poodles. We also needed a backup (containment) plan in case a fence-gate was left open. Our Bloodhounds and Redbone Coonhound are oblivious once they are on a scent trail!

I always hear how stubborn Hound dogs are and that they can’t be trained. It’s not true!! They learned the first day to avoid the hidden fence flags, and the rest of the training was making sure they avoided distractions on the other side of the boundary. We haven’t had any escapes, and the fence aggression has improved. We’re still working on the growling at each other issue, but at least there are no more injuries now that they can’t physically reach each other.

The consultation was very informative, and the installation was quick and clean. I highly recommend this underground fence company to anyone looking for a high quality product with excellent customer service.

Thanks again!
Dr. Joanna C. Bower, DVM – Duluth, GA